Tuesday, October 03, 2006


This is an interesting example of media reporting.

BBC NEWS | Commission joins search for girl

Mother's statement

When it was first reported it was basically Molly Campbell taken from her home and abducted to Pakistan for an arranged marriage only for the girl herself to paint a completely different picture.

BBC NEWS | Police pledge in girl custody row

BBC NEWS | Girl at the heart of global family feud

In other news the Conservatives are beginning their conference with the Liberals and Labour having had their's over recent weeks. I've made no secret that I detest the Tories. Their Are you thinking what we're thinking campaign made me sick to my stomach and seeing as it's the only set of policies soft lad Cameron has put his name to you have to draw on of the following conclusions :

A) He is an evil racist fear-mongerer
B) He is cynical enough to put out a load of stuff he doesn't believe in in order to get people to vote Tory
C) He was spineless and lacking in integrity enough to quietly go about writing that nasty, nasty manifesto on his boss' say so

Whichever way it's not looking good eh Dave you lame schyster. Labour are still hovering on the edge of disaster and will continue to be so until next May, the media will continue their pathetic scandle, scandle, scandle politics (as emphasised with the Cherie Blair 'liar' debacle "It doesn't matter if it's true" said one BBC journo)...the Liberals still haven't got the strength of character to put themselves truly on the political radar. It'll be an interesting year.

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