Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nice while it lasted

BBC SPORT | Football | Premiership | Man Utd 3-0 Everton

Bugger...that loss means that we are no longer looking down on the redsh*te.

Further bad news revolving around the game is that Ferguson is still keeping Tim Howard in his plans. I was hoping that we'd be able to make that deal permanent asap.

Howard returns after loan?

Monday, November 27, 2006

BBC SPORT | Golf | Clarke uneasy over sympathy vote

BBC SPORT | Golf | Clarke uneasy over sympathy vote

It's basically the BBC Sports Formality of the Year awards this time round.

Give me a slap on the chin with a wet fish if Darren Clarke doesn't win the the Sports Personality and the rest of the Ryder Cup golfers don't win the team award.

It's not about's about acknowledging the emotion of the whole thing.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend report

Lots of lovely sport this weekend but I didn't get to enjoy any of it 'cause I had to finally bite the bullet and start the Christmas shopping. Apart from tramping round town I saw the new Bond film and considering I don't like Bond films at all it was pretty good.

We also nipped down to Cheshire to visit a wood that contained trees bought for us by someone as a wedding present

The Woodland Trust - our woods

and on Sunday we watched Planet Earth which is redefining brilliance in terms of wildlife shows.

BBC - Science & Nature - Planet Earth

It's just getting stupidly good now.

Everton should have won but other than that it was all gloomy...a brief fightback by Peitersen and Collingwood showed that there's hope for the cricket and a new era is about to begin for the rugby team. 'loo got battered again. That's about it.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Slow start

Hmm, well it was hardly unexpected but England are looking pretty undercooked going into the first test in Brisbane.

Harimson especially looks out of sorts but given his recent form and his history of being an unhappy tourist it's hardly surprising. When you think of the bowling attack we had last time round it's not that surprising we've struggled.

Anyway there is still reasons to be positive...We actually lost the first test in 2005 and Brisbane is meant to be a batsman's wicket. If the batting holds up then we can hold our own but we need Harmison and Anderson to stand up and be counted if we are going to win.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

BBC SPORT | Cricket | The Ashes | Countdown to Australia v England

BBC SPORT | Cricket | The Ashes | Countdown to Australia v England

Not long is looking tricky but we beat them once, we can do it again.

Hail, hail

BBC SPORT | Celtic 1-0 Man Utd

That was ace last night. I was due to play 5-a-side but it got cancelled, usually I am like the kid that Father Christmas forgot when I miss out on footy but I wasn't bothered at all last night. It was far too wet and windy for the walk to The Victoria so I settled down to watch the game with some Tsingtao and Brooklyn Lager (both of which seem to be being practically given away at Tesco). Absolutely tremendous effort by the Celts although you couldn't say they were the better team. Brilliant free-kick to win it and a superb bit of goalkeeping heroics to save it (although for some reason United captain Gary Neville knew Saha would miss and didn't give the pen to someone else).

Take a bow Bhoys

Monday, November 20, 2006

YouTube - Arteta Vs Bolton

YouTube - Arteta Vs Bolton

Only just appreciating how good a goal that was...absolutely superb stuff!

Also I am now only just apreciating how lucky England where to beat South Africa. Good old Andy Goode.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's a grand old team...


BBC Match Report

Bolton. Well you know what you are going to get. Love them or loathe them. Big, strong, fit and quite pacey all over the field. Not a lot of flair, rough, physical and no delusions of how football should be sweeping and breath-taking. Being effective is what they’re all about…nothing wrong with that as Everton proved down at The Emirates a few weeks ago.

The prospect of Everton without Cahill would be interesting to behold. I do not think he’s Roy Keane and Steven Gerrard rolled into one nor do I think he’s simply a yard-dog who chips in with goals from midfield. Some blues adore him and others, possibly ‘cause of this admiration, are pretty critical of him. I have to say I lean towards the former. He’s a superb player for us. In my view he sets a tempo for the team whilst disrupting the opponents. His eye for goal is worth its weight in gold. He can however go walkabout in games where we are playing a four man midfield.

Whatever you think of him in general I’d say today’s game was one where we could really do with him. We lined up with Yobo filling in at right back and Valente at left-back. This allowed us to have Phil Neville shoring up the midfield in Tim’s absence. Ahead of them we had AJ and Beattie…going by the heights of what we know those two are capable of it’s fair to say that neither are in decent form. Fifth place Bolton was a game we could easily lose.

The game was preceded by an ovation and impeccably observed minute’s silence for Royal Marine Ben Nowak made more emotional by his friends and family standing on the pitch with home-made banners.

For an hour Everton were clearly the better footballers. Bolton closed down everything we threw at them and chances were pretty thin on the ground. Then Arteta popped up about 25 yards out with a superb curled shot into the left hand corner of the net…easily the best goal the Gwladys St has enjoyed since McFadden’s screamer against Fulham. Brilliant goal….from there on Everton remembered they were Everton and Bolton actually started trying to win the game. We sat deeper and they were doing the probing. The blues only really came out of their shells sporadically with Beattie, Johnson and Arteta doing well to turn defence into attack. Old boy Idan Tal hit the post and had a header saved but at the end I think we deserved the three points.

Man of the match plaudits had to got to Arteta for such a superb goal but honourable mentions had to go to Valente and Beattie. This was a good game for us to win. We are now 7th but without a smidgeon of exaggeration we should easily be out on our own in 3rd. Too many easy points gone begging in games we really should have won otherwise we’d be having a fantastic season.

Whilst the blues were turning round their recent bad form I was getting updates from Waterloo. Newbury at home is the sort of game the lads really have to win if they are to have any chance of staying in that division. Alas another defeat…it’s difficult to be optimistic about avoiding relegation as we are now rock bottom. Still, as I’ve said before, we are only in this position because they were so good last season. If this turns out to be a bridge too far for them then que sera sera.

Other than that the Posh won and the week has shown England show signs of recovery in footy, rugby & cricket.

On Friday night I dreamt that liverpool scored three goals against Boro…shows how out of touch with reality my subconscious is…liverpool scoring away goals!!!!! Outrageous!

Also it’s worth mentioning that I’ve discovered the true bench-mark of turning into an old get. When the council drop round a brand new composter unit and you are genuinely looking forward to setting it up I think it’s time to acknowledge your youth is over.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



Moments silence at the weekend for the marine who died in Iraq this week.

East Terrace | For the rugby football enthusiast

East Terrace | For the rugby football enthusiast

The East Terrace strikes again :

"The IRB have announced that in 2012 they will launch the Argentinean Solo-Nation Championship to allow the Pumas regular competitive rugby.

With the SANZAR nations having dismissed the idea of expanding the Tri-Nations in favour of playing themselves ad nauseam and logistical and cultural reasons being blamed for them being left out of the Six Nations, the Pumas have no regular, structured tournament to play in.

The IRB have proclaimed that the new tournament will see Argentina play themselves three times a year for the chance to be crowned the Argentinean champions."

"Book makers have revealed that Argentina are 2/1 to lift the inaugural title in 2012."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006



"Tim Cahill is facing between six and eight weeks on the sidelines with a medial knee ligament injury.

The Aussie international had to be stretchered off during Saturday's 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa following an accidental collision with teammate Lee Carsley.

Following a series of scans, the Club's medical team have confirmed Cahill did not damage is anterior ligament but that damage to his medial ligament is set to keep him sidelined for up to two months."

Bugger! Get well soon Tim.

You could say the same for Marcus Trescothick but I don't think we'll see him back any time soon.

It's such a shame what's happened to that side...when you think of the problem that have beset Vaughan, Trescothick, Simon Jones, Harmison, Giles and Flintoff since we won the Ashes. It's difficult to see how we can give them a decent run for their money down there.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nothing really to grumble about

Grumble, grumble, grumble. In future weekends I think I’ll publish a list of all the teams I’m rooting for…this will allow you folk to bet against them and clean up.

Everton took on Villa…Martin O’Neill is one of my favourite managers. He did a superb job at Celtic but even stretching back to his Leicester City days. He’s a good honest manager. He calls a spade a spade and always puts out a decent side. It wasn’t his fault he had zero budget at Leicester, there was very little class in that side but two league cups were a tremendous achievement.

His Villa side, a team that looked utterly clueless last season weren’t anything breathtaking…they were just fully committed and well organised. They took their chance and then took control of the game as Everton probed and huffed and puffed but never really carved anything out. Cahill went off with a twisted knee and Beattie came on. Him and along with Osman seemed to flirt on the fringes of the game when more was required. There was no balance to Everton and certainly no brains or guile. The effort was there but they kept us at arms length and ultimately Sorensen didn’t really have much to do. AJ could have got one or two but he’s having a barren patch…the thing is though that he is doing everything he can to compensate for it and make a contribution to the team. I don’t think you can say that of Beats. It’s very frustrating.

As we trooped out to meet our jubilant Villa fan Nigel it was cold and rainy and windy…kind of matched our mood.

A quick check of the internet phones revealed that England had ballsed up against Argentina at Twickenham…that is just not good enough. Argentina have some good players, they are a decent team but that’s all…we are meant to be world champions. It is worth saying that the Pumas really deserve to be invited into the tri-nations or the six nations. They have potential but as mere bystanders to international rugby (world cup notwithstanding) they can only go so far. England are caught in a terrible trap…their every move is scrutinised. The nerves are palpable, the decisions they players are making are a bit baffling…but basically the team need to have a look at themselves.

The depression over the result was dispelled somewhat by two things…a crowd booing a kicker as he’s about to take a penalty deserve everything they get. The interview with the Argentine captain was a reminder of how much sport can mean to some people.

Waterloo took another caning away at Coventry…another game where we really needed to pick up a point at least. It’s all a bit of a downer sportswise but on Remembrance weekend you realise that it’s not the be all and end all of life. Moments silences and singing “Abide with me” bring it home how lucky we are to have had forbearers who were prepared to give up everything and lay down their lives answering their country’s call. Even today four soldiers have died in Iraq (one of whome was a bluenose). We will remember them.

Friday, November 10, 2006

General stuff

Heard about this site whilst listening to Banter on BBC Radio 4 :

Gossip...What people were overheard saying on the London Underground

England got off to a properly ropey start to the Ashes defense...we took a trouncing by a Prime-Minister's XI. Hope things can pick up else it'll be a humilatingly tame handback of the little urn.

BBC SPORT | Dismal England thrashed in opener

A lot of news about Britney Spears filing for divorce...big f#cking deal (pardon the language). Wouldn't it be more news-worthy when celebrities don't get divorced. "Today in the news some famous people reached their 5th wedding anniversary and a bear left the forest in order to defecate".

You could also say the same of poor Jonny Wilkinson being injured. This time he's got a lacerated kidney.

BBC SPORT | Wilkinson faces three months out

Get well soon Jonny...we all remember this :

World cup glory

Here's an interesting one...I suppose it's one of those "It's cause you don't have to wear a poppy that you should wear one".

BBC NEWS | TV's Snow rejects 'poppy fascism'

Personally I can sort of see that he could be making the point that if people are told to wear them that the gesture is completely empty. I'd still be wary of causing any hurt to veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedoms though.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

McFadden denies comment over Poll

BBC SPORT | Football | League Cup | Everton 0-1 Arsenal

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Everton | McFadden denies comment over Poll

Regardless of what happened last night Graham Poll is a gobshite. I couldn't see the penalty incident and I've no idea what passed between him and McFadden but it wasn't like he was running upto him screaming in his face.

After that Everton were always going to be up against it but they played superbly but just ran out of steam. It's a pity AJ didn't score late on but they were dead on their feet by then.


Update (it didn't take long) :

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Now I've finished pouting - The weekend

On Friday night we went to the theatre to see The man with two gaffers. It was good fun and featured a pub me and Anne visit from time to time. (The Cross Keys, East Marton).

Then after Saturday's disappointments we went to the Victoria in Woolton to see The Ferriswheel junkies.

After the England game on Sunday we took the bus down to Sefton Park to watch the although the sporting events were annoying it didn't hamstring our weekend.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

BBC NEWS | Tory suspended over racist e-mail

BBC NEWS | Tory suspended over racist e-mail

Rumours abound that Ellenor Bland hasn't been sacked for being a racist rather she's been sacked for being a Conservative who actually has a policy on something.

I'd give the benefit of the doubt but for the pathetic way she tried to justify hereself :

Racist Tory scum speaks her mind

Stuey's Song of the day Parklife by Blur 'cause they played it on xfm whilst I was stuck in traffic on the M56

Plus here's Sunday, Sunday and There's no other way.

Monday, November 06, 2006

YouTube - Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy

Stuey's song of the day :

Fuzzy by Grant Lee Buffalo.

Here's a cool pic of the moon I took with my camera placed on the eyepiece of some binoculars :

And here's the little oak I've planted

and here's his younger brother :

I'm not really sure why I find growing oaks from acorns cool.

Spanking season

icLiverpool - Waterloo 15, Leeds Tykes 77

Ugh...that was a hell of a beating whatever way you look at it. Painful to watch. Leeds looked every bit the Premiership refugees and Waterloo, it has to be said, looked shell-shocked. It isn't to shameful when you consider the gulf between the two teams...last year Leeds were playing in the Premiership and the Heineken Cup whilst Waterloo were in National Division 2. The RFU give them 1.5 million pound a year whilst 'loo get 180k.

Twelve tries to three made pretty grim watching though. The only bright point was some pretty funny barracking coming from a South African gentleman on my left (Sean Ruwers uncle I think)...get that man a season ticket.

In other games Waterloo have done most of the game almost right...but got punished for almost everything. This week was something completely new. In a way the England game the next day was very similar to watching 'loo most weeks. Corry's team did so much of their work well but coming up just a fraction short means you end up a mile off really challengeing. The new boys Allen, Sanderson and Sackey all looked good, there is grounds for optimism but when it comes to a team like the All Blacks they just looked second best. It is worth having a moan about the ridiculous descision to deny Noon his first try...England always seem to get screwed by the officials regardless of whether it's the Celts and Gallic chappies or the southern hemisphere. It's getting a bit stupid now.

England team watch the Haka

BBC Match report

Switching over to footy Everton's luck ran out at Fulham. We took them apart in the first half but couldn't make the breakthrough. They got booed off but in the second half they, by the sounds of it, were the better side and nicked a flukey deflected goal. Further ignamony was to come when some knobhead calling him/herself an Evertonian threw a coin at Jenson which will result in an FA enquiry.

BBC Match report

Andy Johnson at Fulham

By the looks of things the blues still played well although they didn't really press enough at the end...this might have been due to half the squad suffering from a virus but still more points lost.

All in all the only team to raise a smile were Peterborough...they won 4-2 after their new celebrity fans luvvied it up on Soccer AM! Notice our mate Andy next to Ms Chamberlain. Hats off Millsy, full marks....apart from the shorts.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Roeder bemoans fixture 'madness'

BBC SPORT | Roeder bemoans fixture 'madness'

"Glenn Roeder has hit out at a fixture list which has left his Newcastle side facing three matches in six days.

The Magpies meet Sheffield United on Saturday, two days after facing Palermo in the Uefa Cup, then travel to Watford on Tuesday for a Carling Cup tie.

'It's utter madness,' said Roeder. 'To expect players to recover in less than 48 hours is ridiculous.'"

Fair point Glenn (he also says later in the article : "I wouldn't have it any other way".) but it has to be said that when a club fights tooth and nail to get into a European competition they can't really complain when the fixtures mount up.

No-one forced Newcastle into the Intertoto cup and therefore the UEFA...they knew the number of games it'd mean and they knew the size of their squad and no-one forced them to play on Saturday evening...Clubs in the UEFA cup can always switch their game to Sunday but that would have meant them losing their Sky money.

The board their are only interested in the money, the teams form is only a concern in terms of the cash it can bring in. Now I know everyone's board is the same but it feel like this is Newcastle tring to distract the fans from the fact that this is a problem completely of their own making.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Purple rain

Sony Bravia advert :

Caught this advert over the weekend...unfortunately I instantly assumed it was all CGI...they actually filmed all that live ona Glasgow estate that was due for demolition (They used bio-degradable paint).

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Purple rain

Reflected glory all round today...Good old Nige is in another advert

Cheesy Finance Inc

...and I've just found out that our mate Andy Mills is one of the fans of the week (Peterborough Utd) on SoccerAM this week. No gawking at the soccerette Millsy...and if she's a kopite you know what to do.