Tuesday, November 07, 2006

BBC NEWS | Tory suspended over racist e-mail

BBC NEWS | Tory suspended over racist e-mail

Rumours abound that Ellenor Bland hasn't been sacked for being a racist rather she's been sacked for being a Conservative who actually has a policy on something.

I'd give the benefit of the doubt but for the pathetic way she tried to justify hereself :

Racist Tory scum speaks her mind

Stuey's Song of the day Parklife by Blur 'cause they played it on xfm whilst I was stuck in traffic on the M56

Plus here's Sunday, Sunday and There's no other way.


jonz said...

You sound really high-pitched stuey. God you are a hypocritcal prejudiced prick!

You'll happily scream racist scum at anyone that opposes uncontrolled immigration, or GOD FORBID! makes a joke about immigrants.


You do realise that the poem was humurous don't you?

You don't seem to understand the concept of freedom of speech. That includes the right to be offensive, as your friend Ken had recently found out.

City Slicker said...

any interest in Tranmere Rovers?