Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freedom is merely privilege extended Unless enjoyed by one and all

Do love this : The Billy Bragg version of The Internationale

Stand up, all victims of oppression
For the tyrants fear your might
Don't cling so hard to your possessions
For you have nothing, if you have no rights
Let racist ignorance be ended
For respect makes the empires fall
Freedom is merely privilege extended
Unless enjoyed by one and all

So come brothers and sisters
For the struggle carries on
The Internationale
Unites the world in song
So comrades come rally
For this is the time and place
The international ideal
Unites the human race

Let no one build walls to divide us
Walls of hatred nor walls of stone
Come greet the dawn and stand beside us
We'll live together or we'll die alone
In our world poisoned by exploitation
Those who have taken, now they must give
And end the vanity of nations
We've but one Earth on which to live

And so begins the final drama
In the streets and in the fields
We stand unbowed before their armour
We defy their guns and shields
When we fight, provoked by their aggression
Let us be inspired by like and love
For though they offer us concessions
Change will not come from above

Monday, October 18, 2010

Get in!!!!!!!!!! Everton 2 - 0 liverpool

There are few things better than a derbt victory but genuinely any other result would have been a travesty. It's fair to say there is a lot of problems at that club and while the new ownership will mean they'll rise quickly I doubt I'll ever see a poorer liverpool side.

Everton were great...they weren't going to slip up again (remember last season playing them off the park yet getting beat 2-0). Jags & Distin were superb, Coleman and Osman were both superb Cahill, Arteta and Neville really imposed himself but The Yak was immense...it was a team win but for a player who is under pressure and lacking in his goal touch he just chased everything and battered the liverpool defense into submission.

Superb win but ultimately you've got to say Everton should be beating teams like that.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Mattie Burrows scores a wondergoal for Glentoran

Wow, in the 92nd minute to win the game Mattie Burrows does this

to win the game for Glentoran of Belfast