Friday, October 31, 2008

Killer badgers

I am not a big fan of Twitter but one of my Twitter buddies Emma Jones posted this :

Overheard... Colleague 1: "I wish it had been killer badgers." Colleague 2: "It's always badgers with you, isn't it? Badgers, or sex..."

c'mon...comedy gold that. No doubt about it.

Cubs / Cards tattoo curse

Very, very naughty

Cubs fans cursed with a Cubs/Cardinals tattoo

"the [Cub]'s demise was preordained at a Tennessee tattoo parlor some 600 miles from Wrigley Field. That's where lifelong fan Jimmy Burroughs got the Cubs logo etched onto his right shoulder blade. But that's not all he got. Carved ever-so-lightly within the Cubbie "C" he found the words, "Go Cards."

"I pretty much blame the tattoo for the Cubs losing," said Burroughs, 26, a child therapist from Bloomington, Ind. "It kills me to have a tattoo that says 'Go Cards.'"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lee 'Z-Cars' Carsley

Great piece about Lee Carsley, one of my all time favourite blues

Carsley seemed more intent of climbing to his feet and hobbling around than writhing in agony

"There are undoubtedly many reasons why Everton have struggled so far this season but you could do a lot worse than point to the absence of one player - Lee Carsley.

The 34-year-old left Goodison Park for Birmingham City at the end of the last campaign after six-and-a-half happy years as an Everton player."

Everton keep a clean sheet!

Everton keep a clean sheet!!!!!!

Fantastic! massively happy that. Good old Fellaini and his magic afro* and a great cross from Steven Pienaar. To be honest the clean sheet is more important than the win at this stage but 3 points is certainly welcome with Spurs and Newcastle turning things round.

Amazing result from the Emirates last night. Crazy...I'm not a great Spurs fan and you've got to admire Wenger's Arsenal but it was great to see that fan jump into the team embrace after the equaliser. It has to be said, however, that as far as most of the Tottenham fans were concerned the game finished 4-2. There was so many people who'd left before the end. Tut tut tut. Hope they are feeling utterly bereft this morning.

(*copyright Kirsty McHale 2008)

Let's just forget about this Russel Brand, Jonathon Ross, Andrew Sachs, Georgina Baillie controversy.

So judging by the dizzying amount of web traffic we are seeing here at GarstonTowers shows just how interested people are in this Russel Brand, Jonathon Ross, Andrew Sachs, Georgina Baillie controversy.

It does open up a lot of debates, most of them needless. Let's boil it down. So far two comedians did massively distasteful prank, the BBC production crew didn't bin fact they actually bent the rules to ensure it went out, 2 people complained. A week or so later there's been tens of thousands of complaints, the BBC has lost one of it's most talented comedians and some trollope low-grade stripogram who happens to have a famous grand-father will make a mint (mainly from the same newspapers who are currently feigning moral outrage).

I just don't understand why people are trying to open these wider debates. It doesn't highlight the fact that the BBC is out of control, it doesn't highlight the decline of comedy standards, it doesn't highlight a general decline in society and it doesn't highlight hypocrisy in people's moral double standards. I think if you boil it all down 90% of this 'outrage' is down to people having an axe to grind against the BBC.

I think ultimately Brand has done the right thing, Ross should possibly do the same (How about ensuring the OFCOM fine comes out of your salary rather than the programming budget Jonathon). The BBC staffers will probably lose their jobs and possibly that's right too. At the core of this is a pretty nasty little stunt. I think it does highlight weird nature of the BBC. It is tasked with providing great quality programming and beloved special interest programming PLUS cutting edge music & comedy. When you think of it like that surely messes like this are going to happen every now and then.

The worry is that the whole thing got broadcast...the people at the BBC should always keep their responsibilities in mind, coming on the back of the phone vote scandals you hope that there isn't a culture of carte blanche operating in some areas of the corporation.

Let's ont lose sight of one thing. The BBC is absolutely brilliant and we are massively lucky to have it. Let's just draw a line under the episode, put the tabloid & Daily Mail lead hysteria to bed and let Georgina Baillie get back to the obscurity of her sleazy Satanic Sluts Extreme strip show.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ConservativeHome's ToryDiary: John Whittingdale leads concern at Ross-Brand calls

Further to my post earlier

ConservativeHome's ToryDiary: John Whittingdale leads concern at Ross-Brand calls:

"[Conservative MP] Roger Gale called for the resignation of the Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson, following the controversy surrounding prank phone calls made to Andrew Sachs.

'I think the buck needs to stop right at the top with those with editorial control.

“There's a great danger that under these circumstances the BBC will find a scapegoat which will probably be the schoolboy that produced the programme, rather than taking editorial repsonsiblity where it lies - with the editor-in-chief, or the person who used to be called the Director General, which is Mark Thompson,"

Funny how the Tories always seem to want someone to "carry the can", the buck has to stop with long as your name isn't George Osbourne and you've just went to a Russian billionaire's yacht....with your party's chief fund raiser in tow...and discussed donations....and how they can be made without contravening rules on foreigners donating to UK political parties.

There is a facebook group for absolutely everything

I found this facebook group yesterday (already)

The "Phil Neville Follow Up Tackle On C Ronaldo" Appreciation Soceity (great spelling there lads (although readers will be quick to point out that I am the last person on earth who should be pointing that out))

Which lead me to wonder just how varied the groups at Facebook are. Did a quick search and these popped up just in the groups my mates are members of (You may well need to be logged into Facebook to follow these links).

I love the Stade Francais rugby shirts and I'm not afraid to admit it

The Cheese Toastie Appreciation Society.

My name is Brandwood

Ancient Rome kicked ass and you Athens-lovers need to deal with it

Judge Dredd is the best comic character ever invented!

Mark Ronson contributes nothing to music and is essentially an oxygen thief

Everything I Know I Learned From The Big Lebowski

Protest Against the Breakup of the BT Couple

^Black Books^ makes me want to drink red wine all day long whilst Smoking..

The Adam and Joe appreciation society

Big Dunc was the hardest footballer EVER!

Jeanne d'Arc - Lourdes

Groups are great, you name it there is almost certainly one for you. Have been looking at them a lot recently 'cause one of our customers at work is currently establishing a group to dispense free financial advice as part of their efforts to help people beat the credit crunch / recession thingamy.

Ask Owen Your Financial Questions or Money Worries

Russel Brand, Georgina Baillie (aka Voluptua) and Andrew Sachs

This whole Russel Brand, Jonathon Ross, Andrew Sachs & Georgina Ballie (aka Voluptua) thing is just ridiculous.

It has to be said what on earth where the BBC doing broadcasting this? It's a pre-recorded show. Who on earth thinks that's acceptable. The only conclusion is controversy mongering and pathetic forced outrageousness. To a degree I don't blame the two egos involves...the production staff want their heads smashing together.

Russell Brand (RB): “This is Andrew Sachs’s answerphone. Right Jonathan, well this is unconventional..

Jonathan Ross (JR): “Don’t worry I’ll blurt something out”

RB: “Don’t blurt something out, not on the answerphone Jonathan.

Andrew Sachs’s answerphone: “Sorry I can’t answer at the moment, but please call again or leave a message. Speak after the tone, thank you.”

RB: “Hello Andrew Sachs this is Russell Brand. I am a great appreciator of your work over the decades. You’re meant to be on my show now mate, I don’t know why you’re not answering the phone, it’s a bit difficult - I’m here with Jonathan Ross.”

JR: “Hello Andrew...”

RB: “That’s Jonathan Ross speaking now. Anyway, we understand.. anyway.. we can still do the interview to his answerphone...”

(The two presenters exchange banter)

JR: “He f***** your granddaughter!” (laughter)... I’m sorry I apologise.

Andrew I apologise... I got excited, what can I say. it just came out.“

RB: “Andrew Sachs, I did not do nothing with Georgina - oh no I’ve revealed I know her name! Oh no it’s a disaster.

“Abort, abort. Please watch that show. I am out of The Bill, starring Andrew Sachs, I’m out of The Bill... Put the phone down, put the phone down, code red code red. I’m sorry Mr Fawlty I’m sorry, they’re a waste of space...”

JR: “... How could I carry that round in my head like a big brain blister all day? I had to pop it and let the pressure out...

“Like it’s really bothered us though, he’s the poor man sitting at home sobbing over his answer machine...

“If he’s like most people of a certain age he’s probably got a picture of his grandchildren when they’re young right by the phone.

“So while he’s listening to the messages he’s looking at a picture of her about nine on a swing.”

RB: “She was on a swing when I met her. Oh no!”

JR: “And probably enjoyed her.”

RB: “Let’s ring back Andrew Sachs... What if he answers this time? Oh no Jonathan please. I’ll do anything.”

(Andrew Sachs’s answerphone message comes on for a second time.)

RB: Andrew this is Russell Brand. I’m so sorry about the last message. It was part of the radio show. It was a mistake.“

JR: “It was just a joke. If there is any truth in that, I don’t know. It was just a joke.”

RB: “It was just a joke that we done. I didn’t ask him to say it though...”

JR: “It might be true, but we didn’t want to break it to you in such a harsh way.”

RB: “Ok, look the truth is, Andrew I’m ringing you to ask if I can marry, that’s right marry your granddaughter, Georgina the granddaughter.”

JR: “And I’d like to be a page boy.”

RB: He wants to be a page boy. We’re going to have a Fawlty Towers-themed wedding.“

JR: “No, no, you’ve spoiled it...”

RB: “No I’m sorry I’ll do anything. I wore a condom. Put the phone down. Oh, what’s going to happen?...”

JR: “You’ll never become king rat in the Variety Club now Russell Brand.”

RB: “Oh no that’s over for me. I’m never going to be king rat in the Variety Club. Jonathan I think we’ve made the situation worse.”

JR: “Who’d have thought two people like us could possibly have made the situation worse.”

RB: “How could we with all our skills, our social skills, our talents our experiences.”

JR: “Our intentions were pure.”

RB: “You know the only way we can make this better don’t you?”

JR: “Let’s phone him again. Let’s leave a nice message.”

RB: “Listen, we’ve got to make it better. We’ll phone Andrew Sachs back. We’ve got to stop upsetting Manuel. This time Jonathan I’m convinced we can make it better.”

JR: “What should we not mention, the war?”

RB: “Don’t mention the war, don’t mention his granddaughter. Don’t say: ’You only ever played Manuel’... Don’t mention The Bill in a negative way. Yes! We’ll just sing to him. I’ll make up something as I go along.”

JR: “I’ll be Bing Crosby to your David Bowie.”

RB: “I’ve always seen our relationship as a Christmas-themed hit.”

(The answerphone message plays again).

JR: (as the message plays): “She was bent over the couch...”

RB (singing): “I’d like to apologise for these terrible attacks - Andrew Sachs.

“I’d like to show contrition to the max, Andrew Sachs.

“I’d like to create world peace, between the yellow, whites and blacks Andrew Sachs, Andrew Sachs.

“I said some things I didn’t of oughta, like I had sex with your granddaughter.

“But it was consensual and she wasn’t menstrual it was consensual lovely sex.

“It’s full of respect. I sent her a text. I’ve asked her to marry me...

“Oh Andrew Sachs, will you marry Jonathan, it sounds like he wants to now.”

JR: “This has made it worse, I feel it’s made it worse, you’ve trivialised the whole terrible incident. It started fine and then you went on about nonsense.”

RB: “You said you wanted to marry him...”

JR: “I wasn’t really listening to you, I was concentrating on my back harmonies... There’s only one way we could possibly make this better.”

(Brand laughs)

RB: “What can we do?”

JR: “Let’s use up the rest of his tape, this time with a heartfelt and sincere apology... Pretend you’re Gordon Brown and make a beautiful speech rescuing the country from the credit crunch and rescue him from the inner turmoil you’ve caused by saying that you jumped on a relative.”

RB: “Yes, you’re right Jonathan, you’re right. Only by doing the exact thing that we’ve done three times already can we make the situation better.”

JR: “If you learn one thing from history, it’s do not repeat your mistakes.”

RB: “Don’t repeat them.”

JR: “So let’s do it right this time.”

RB: “Thank God Jonathan.”

JR: “Maybe this time... I want to do the song this time.”

RB: “You’re not doing the lyrics. You’ll balls it up. And can’t do backing it’s not in my nature.”

JR: “But you talked about his granddaughter’s menstruation.”

RB: “Look we’ve got a golden opportunity here, to make Andrew Sachs happy.”

JR: “... we should go in a little bit more relaxed this time.”

RB: “Right yeah that’s true, let’s not look at this as the last time we’re going to call Andrew Sachs.”

(Ross laughs)

JR: “... The wonder of technology is such that we can keep doing this for hours.”

RB: “And even after the show’s finished Jonathan we can find out where Andrew Sachs lives, kick his front door in and scream apologies into his bottom... We can just keep on troubling Andrew Sachs... let’s do it, right, ok.

“You pretend you’re Andrew Sachs’s answerphone.”

JR: “Hello, Manuel is not in right now. Leave your message after the tone.”

RB (as the phone rings again): “Alright Andrew Sachs’s answerphone, I’m ever so sorry for what I said about Andrew Sachs.”

JR: “Just say: ’Sorry’.”

RB (laughing): “I’ll kill you!”

JR: “Don’t say you’ll wear him as a hat, just say: ’Sorry’.”

RB: “Sorry, right.”

Ultimately you know that Ross & Brand will get away with it, the staffers will get sacked and Ms Baillie and her Satanic Sluts Burlesque act (whatever the hell that is) will laugh all the way to the bank.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well stoke my lucky conkers

I have to say that's the first time I've ever used that phrase. On the 81 going to the match today I found a couple of conkers I'd picked up weeks ago intending to throw them onto a field somewhere.

They were in my pocket all day today and after two marvelous performances by my teams they are now officially my lucky conkers.

Everton played Man Utd + Alan Wiley really was appalling the difference in the decisions meated out to the two team. Nearly identical incidents warranting completely different outcomes depending on the colour of the shirt. Utterly pathetic.

Everton rallied from a goal down to win a was a superb performance. They got amongst them and took the game by the scruff of the neck. Superb stuff.

From there was hot footed it to Blundelsands for Waterloo V Cambridge. On the way Me, Anne and Paul Cunningham joked about how many points 'loo would be down by the time we arrived. The general consensus was 12, turns out it was 10. From there Waterloo played brilliantly to boss the game and run out 18 - 13 winners against a tem 2nd in the league. It was just such great moments when those final whistles went.

Gotta love it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

YouTube - Toulouse vs Bath - Skrela kick

YouTube - Toulouse vs Bath

David Skrela shows he has brass balls

One Nathaniel Rothschild, there's only one Nathaniel Rothschild!

BBC NEWS | Politics | Osborne denies Russian cash claim:

Loving reading this today...Putting those smarmy Tories and their fawning media lapdogs in their place.

Sir, Since your paper - along with your sister publication The Sunday Times - has made much out of what may or may not have happened at a private gathering of my friends this summer in Corfu, I thought I should make the following observations. I am surprised that you focus on the fact that one of my guests, Peter Mandelson, is a friend of another, Oleg Deripaska. Not once in the acres of coverage did you mention that George Osborne, who also accepted my hospitality, found the opportunity of meeting with Mr Deripaska so good that he invited the Conservatives' fundraiser Andrew Feldman, who was staying nearby, to accompany him on to Mr Deripaska's boat to solicit a donation. Since Mr Deripaska is not a British citizen, it was suggested by Mr Feldman, in a subsequent conversation at which Mr Deripaska was not present, that the donation was "channelled" through one of Mr Deripaska's British companies. Mr Deripaska declined to make any donation. I mention this because it turns out that your obsession with Mr Mandelson is trivial in light of Mr Osborne's actions. I also think it ill behoves all political parties to try and make capital at the expense of another in such circumstances. Perhaps in future it would be better if all involved accepted the age-old adage that private parties are just that.

Also enjoyed reading about Shelagh Fogarty made Tory Alan Duncan look like a right supercilious arrogant get on 5Live Breakfast.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Palmer Puuuuuuugh

Brilliant version of Bohemian Rhapsody with every word replaced with a footy player's name

It was featured on Danny Baker's 606. Truly the greatest footy phone-in ever. Forget all your outraged callers and presenters trying to be knowledgable. Just a load of eccentric nonsense chat.

Sony recall video game for fear of offending a religion....this time

Sony recall offensive video game


Sony don't recall offensive video game

Oh look, last year Sony didn't recall a game that staged a violent massacre in a virtual Manchester Cathedral despite the fact that it was clearly offensive to Christians. This year they frantically scramble to recall a game that be offensive to Muslims. Odd that isn't it.

This is most defintely not a jibe at Muslims, just a jibe at the way corporations and the media ride rough-shod over Christian sensibilities whilst taking a super-sensiitve attitude when they offend others. Double Standards? The way LittleBigPlanet and Resistance Fall of Man 2 have been handled stinks of it. Surely all people's faiths should be treated equally.

John Peel to have a train in Merseyside named after him

Noticed this is happening just down the road from us (3pm on Thursday if you can make it) :

The late DJ John Peel is to have a train in Merseyside named after him.

Merseytravel, which co-ordinates passenger transport in Peel's home region, said it was a tribute to "a true broadcasting legend".

Peel's widow Sheila Ravenscroft will attend the naming ceremony and be aboard the train's first journey into Liverpool on Thursday.

This comes two days before the anniversary of the BBC DJ's death, aged 65, on 25 October 2004.

Mrs Ravenscroft said: "We are just really delighted that John is being honoured with this train. He would have loved it."

Peel was Radio 1's longest-serving DJ at the time of his death, having championed new music for nearly 40 years on his late-night Radio 1 show.

Mark Dowd, chairman of Merseytravel, said: "We are very proud of the man John was and of his connection with Merseyside.

"Naming this train in his honour is our tribute to a true broadcasting legend."

Ian Prowse, from the group Amsterdam, will perform at the ceremony what was one of Peel's favourite songs, Does This Train Stop on Merseyside?

Mrs Ravenscroft previously spoke of her husband's love of the song as part of a Radio 1 tribute evening.

She said: "John just loved the song. He always became emotional when he played it.

"He wasn't capable of playing it without crying. If he played it on the radio he'd have to put something on straight afterwards because he wouldn't be able to speak.

"When he played it at home, he'd always need a cuddle afterwards."

The naming ceremony will take place at Liverpool South Parkway Interchange in Garston.

I don't think anyone has a bad word to say about John Peel. Truly great bloke...Everyone knew about his Peel Sessions and all the cool music he played but what really set him apart was how warm and engaging he was on Home Truths on Radio 4. That was the polar opposite of his Radio 1 show and yet you could tell he took just as much joy out of listening to old lady's war memories than debuting a song form a new band.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Punch drunk boxer 0 - 2 St Sebastian

Arsenal 3-1 Everton Waterloo 5 - 46 Cinderford

Seriously, getting propery fucked off with all this sporting getting-shat-upon-ness. I know in the grand scheme of things it means absolutely nothing...there are people in the world starving/getting opressed/dying/getting shot/listening to Sarah Palin....but in terms of my Saturday afternoons I am getting pissed off with watching Everton fucking up then getting home and finding out Waterloo have been battered OR watching Waterloo get kicked round the park whilst Everton piss it all away. I didn't sign up for this....well actually I did....but it's all getting bit monotonous.

I have been pouting all afternoon...and at the same time I am really looking forward to next Saturday and attempthing to get from Everton's 12:45 kick-off against United to Waterloo's 2:30pm kick off against Cambridge. hence the punch drunk boxer reference. I do think St Sebastian, patron Saint of athletes, should stop being so mean to me.

I'm not going to comment on the two games because A: Waterloo players aren't professional, they are the players we've got and we just have to trust they are doing their best and B: I am too pouty a fan to watch Match of the Day when Everton lose.

There you have it....not the best basis to write a sports blog.

In my misery I turned to 90s indie music for solace. Star by Belly and Acetone / Montrose Gimps it up for Charity by Kenickie just about saw me through

Friday, October 17, 2008

Salute : Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman

Thought this was worth highlighting :

Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman

When Tommie Smith and John Carlos gave a gloved Black Power salute on the Olympic podium in October 1968 it sent a shockwave through sport. But what happened to the other man on the platform?

Forty years ago, two black Americans, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, won gold and bronze medals in the 200m final at the Mexico Olympics, and used their time on the victory podium to protest with a Black Power salute.

The photograph of the two men with their heads bowed, each of them with an arm raised in the air and a fist clothed in a black leather glove, is one of the most striking images of the 20th Century.

Their actions caused havoc at the Games, ensuring the pair were ejected from the US Olympic team. But three men won medals in that race, and the consequences for the third athlete on the podium would be every bit as significant.

The silver medallist was a laid-back Australian, an up-and-coming runner called Peter Norman who, in the words of his coach, "blossomed like a cactus" when he got to Mexico. While observers expected the Americans to make a clean sweep of the 200m medals, Norman kept them interested by breaking the world record in the heats.

The three were waiting for the victory ceremony when Norman discovered what was about to happen. It was Norman who, when John Carlos found he'd forgotten his black gloves, suggested the two runners shared Smith's pair, wearing one each on the podium.

And when, to the crowd's astonishment, they flung their fists in the air, the Australian joined the protest in his own way, wearing a badge from the Olympic Project for Human Rights that they had given him.

The repercussions for Norman were immediate. Seen as a trouble-maker who had lent a hand to those desecrators of the Olympic flag, he was ostracised by the Australian establishment. Despite qualifying 13 times over and being ranked fifth in the world, he was not sent to the following Munich games, where Australia had no sprinter for the first time in the Olympics. Norman retired soon afterwards without winning another title.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No change at the tops

Martin O'Keefe new head coach at Waterloo RUFC - Crosby Herald: "WATERLOO have appointed prop forward and last season's captain Martin O'Keefe as their new coach at St Anthony’s Road.

O'Keefe, 30, takes over from Chris O'Callaghan, who resigned last month. He comes in at a difficult time for the Blundellsands club, who have lost all six matches so far this season and are next from the bottom of National Two.

Having played for the likes of Orrell, Pertemps Bees, Leeds and Wakefield, ‘Cakes’, as he is affectionately known at the Crosby club, will be assisted by Mark Godwin, who has been in charge of first team since the departure of O'Callaghan.

Former Waterloo captain and coach Gareth Hopkin is expected to help out in an advisory capacity."

Good Luck Cakes. Hope you can turn it round mate.

In other news Evertonians were lifted by Moysie FINALLY signing the contract. Wonder if this was a due-diligence issue prompted by the rumour takeover?

BBC : Moyes signs new deal at Everton

Manager David Moyes has ended speculation over his future by signing a new five-year deal at Everton.

Moyes, 45, delayed signing the deal and admitted it may have unsettled his players after they were knocked out of the Carling Cup and the Uefa Cup.

"There have been many different things for different reasons," Moyes told the club's website of the delay.

"But we are here now. The big thing for me is that I am at Everton, as far as I am concerned, for another five years."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Belarus 1-3 England

Belarus 1-3 England.

So far so good. Another impressive performance by England. Great result away from home that.

The team seems to have a confidence now even if the balance isn't really there yet.

International Blog Action Day : Poverty

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to blunder across International Blog Action Day via Catherine Bray (Many thanks Catherine). From there I quickly embarked on an article for the HitSearch internet news feed publicising the day. During the course of that I got in touch with Stuart Fowkes, online press officer for Oxfam.

Catherine recently did a triathalon for Shelter...Stuart is currently promoting Oxfam's campaign highlighting the rising food prices around the world.

So what do I do? Hmm, tricky one. Regular readers will know that Things & Stuff isn't exactly the most noble of fact it's almost entirely throwaway (unless you are a fundamentally obsessed Everton or Waterloo fan). I do however think it's massively important to be involved in things like Blog Action Day...even if it's only to stand up and say you don't do enough. I'd like to think I am not a shallow person but do I do my bit? Well I do more than some but that's not really the point.

Thinking about it I am an active charity giver in terms of my cash but certainly not my time. I think that would be most valuable than anything. I give without fail to the appeals that go out, I always give to the church and make sure I've got a bit in reserve for those unexpected 2nd collections. Hardly earth shattering stuff. A week of voluntary work down in Lourdes is a step in the right direction but I think of that as a religious duty and a social thing as much as a charitable act.

I do have decidedly left-wing views...coming from Liverpool it's difficult not to. So where does this leave me in terms of poverty. Unfortunately the only conclusion is that I, like tones of others, fall into that wishy-wash void inhabited by people who do genuinely care and will give when necessary but are basically not involved....and from there you can see the need for things like Blog Action Day. A chance for the people who do care and are willing to help to discuss and get better informed. If nothing else it might direct a few un-allocated charity dollars to the right causes. I know my contribution ain't going to be anything earth shattering but I don't think we all have to do that...just sign up, say your piece and then, most importantly, take the time to read what others are talking about.

How tough can that be?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ringo would snub Marge Simpson now

Ringo won't sign any more autographs

Former Beatle Ringo Starr will no longer sign memorabilia for fans and will throw away all fan mail he receives in the future, he has said.

"Please do not send fan mail to any address you have," he said in a video message on his website.

"Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October. If that is the date on the envelope, it's gonna be tossed.

"I'm warning you with peace and love I have too much to do," the 68-year-old drummer said.

Dressed in black clothes and dark glasses, Starr said it was "a serious message to everybody watching".

He added: "No more fan mail and no objects to be signed. Nothing."

Kinds of ironic given that in his Simpsons appearance he spent every waking hour answering a massive backlog of fan mail.

Meanwhile, somewhere in England... Ringo is surrounded by bags of
mail with the word `mail' on them, in various languages.

Dear Sally. In response to you letter of December the 12th 1966,
me favourite colour is blue, and me real first name is Richard.
Thanks for the snapshot. You're a real cute bird. Love, Ringo.
PS: Forgive the lateness of my reply.

Ringo explains to his butler that he insists on responding to every
single piece of fan mail. The next letter is Marge's painting.

Dear Marge. Thanks for the fab painting of Yours Truly. I hung
it on me wall. You're quite an artist. In answer to your question,
yes, we do have hamburgers and fries in England. But we call French
fries `chips'. Love, Ringo. PS: Forgive the lateness of my reply.

Not having a go at Ringo...just thought it was ironic

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Where've you bean?

Some general internet stuff today (you notice I am avoiding all mention of sport).

I found this on the superb GoogleSightSeeing blog.

Get a birds eye view here : Google Sightseeing Maps

Earlier I noticed this Great Schlep thing on the BBC website. Sarah Silverman has done a promotional video which I can't decide if it's brilliantly subtle or ham fistedly rubbish. I can never decide whether Ms Silverman is funny or not.

Very interesting scheme though, we all remember how important Florida was 8 years ago.

The American election is great news viewing at the moment. Some of the stuff you watch from over there is so pathetically puerile whilst other stuff like the Tina Fey Sarah Palin skit was pure political genius.

In other new I noticed that Thing and Stuff is actually a Google Whack....providing you are searching for Harumble Quirkafleeg

Post script. I've been informed that it's not a GoogleWhack unless both words are in the dictionary. I think I should be allowed them because if you listen to Radio 4 or played Jet Set Willy as a kids they are perfectly cromulent words.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hat's off to Stade Francais

If you asked me I'd probably say I was a Biaritz fan when it comes to French rugby....after FC Lourdais of course.

There is, however, something wonderful about Stade Francais. Those pink shirts / maillot rose were pretty outrageous when they first came out but they are tame compared to what followed.

Stade Francais Pink Shirt

Stade Francais Floral Shirt

Stade Francais Beige Shirt

Stade Francais Fleur de Lis Shirt

Stade Francais psychedelic Shirt

Stade Francais Notre Dame Shirt

Just with I had the spuds to wear one.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

erm...any chance?

Everton v Newcastle

It's difficult to be optimistic about sport really. Not looking forward to the game today one bit even though I'm wearing my new, hopefully lucky, Everton away shirt.

Come on Blues...sort it out for us. I know things are glum at the moment but it's mine, Paul Cunninghams and Carmel Wilde's birthday today. Give us something to smile about. Please.

Waterloo played like fools for the first 60 minutes and then suddenly turned into world beaters for the last part of the game. It turned a very glum afternoon into a very heartening one especially with the return of Martin "Cakes" O'Keefe. A couple of great tries in there to cheer the dwindling number of fans who are going to see Waterloo these days.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Notre Dame, Nuestra Senora, Our Lady,

Not sure what to make of this...sounds a touch pavlovian but it's nice to see scientific proof of what we've always known, that one way or the other Our Lady is always there for us :

Why faith in God really can relieve pain

Belief in God 'really can relieve pain' - Telegraph: "Academics at The Oxford Centre For Science Of The Mind gave electric shocks to 12 Roman Catholics and 12 atheists as they studied a painting of the Virgin Mary.

They found Catholics seemed able to block out much of the pain. Using brain-scanning techniques, they also discovered that the Catholics were able to activate part of the brain associated with conditioning the experience of pain.

The experiment is one of a series being conducted by the academics, a group of scientists, philosophers and theologians from different departments at the university.

A sparking device was strapped to the back of the participants' left hands to deliver an electric shock.

The scientists then asked them to contemplate two paintings, Sassoferrato's 17th Century Virgin Mary and Leonardo da Vinci's 15th Century Lady With An Ermine.

The researchers hoped that the face of the Virgin Mary would induce a religious state of mind in the believers, while da Vinci's secular painting was chosen because it did not look dissimilar and would be calming.

They spent half an hour inside an MRI scanner, receiving a series of 20 electric shocks in four separate sessions while looking at either the religious or non-religious picture.

The Catholics said that looking at the painting of the Virgin Mary made them feel 'safe', 'taken care of' and 'calmed down and peaceful'"

There's only one thing to say to that :

Salve, Regina, Mater misericordiae,
vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve.
ad te clamamus
exsules filii Evae,
ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes
in hac lacrimarum valle.

Eia, ergo, advocata nostra, illos tuos
misericordes oculos ad nos converte;
et Iesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui,
nobis post hoc exsilium ostende.
O clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo Maria.

Although thinking about it perhaps it was just an excuse for a bunch of Dawkins obsessed scientists to electrocute a bunch a Catholics.

:( :( :( :(

Gutted, Gutted, Gutted, Gutted!

Surpirise how absolutely gutted I am after last night. I've took it all on the chin over the past few weeks but going out last night has totally deflated me.

Over and over again I look at that draw and it still annoys me. How, after our, fantastic exploits last year (Lets not forget we beat all conquering Zenit St Petersberg last season) did we draw them when every other English team, teams that got in via the fair play league and the intertoto cup, get Wisla Plebeless or FC Shitforbrains. That's the thing that really, really guts you.

Ultimately Everton didn't do enough. The 2 away goals meant Liege could just sit behind the ball, the ref should have sent off one of their players and the penalty was ever so slightly harsh but there's no point moaning about it now. The blues played well enough but there was probably only ever going to be one winner. And that's that. With Villa looking good and City poised to splash the cash in January a return further European fun looks a long way off from hear. Next up Newcastle, you can see how that script pans out already.

I think the club need to sort out the Moyes new contract...that would provide a bit of a lift at least.


Thursday, October 02, 2008


Tonight basically defines Everton's season. A win against Standard Liege would take the pressure off so much as it would maintain the focus and give us something to play for and look forward to. I think it would act to release the pressure on both the players and fans.

It's going to be so tough though. A clean sheet is vital then "Feed the Yak and he will score".

Come on you Blue boys!