Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There is a facebook group for absolutely everything

I found this facebook group yesterday (already)

The "Phil Neville Follow Up Tackle On C Ronaldo" Appreciation Soceity (great spelling there lads (although readers will be quick to point out that I am the last person on earth who should be pointing that out))

Which lead me to wonder just how varied the groups at Facebook are. Did a quick search and these popped up just in the groups my mates are members of (You may well need to be logged into Facebook to follow these links).

I love the Stade Francais rugby shirts and I'm not afraid to admit it

The Cheese Toastie Appreciation Society.

My name is Brandwood

Ancient Rome kicked ass and you Athens-lovers need to deal with it

Judge Dredd is the best comic character ever invented!

Mark Ronson contributes nothing to music and is essentially an oxygen thief

Everything I Know I Learned From The Big Lebowski

Protest Against the Breakup of the BT Couple

^Black Books^ makes me want to drink red wine all day long whilst Smoking..

The Adam and Joe appreciation society

Big Dunc was the hardest footballer EVER!

Jeanne d'Arc - Lourdes

Groups are great, you name it there is almost certainly one for you. Have been looking at them a lot recently 'cause one of our customers at work is currently establishing a group to dispense free financial advice as part of their efforts to help people beat the credit crunch / recession thingamy.

Ask Owen Your Financial Questions or Money Worries

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