Sunday, October 05, 2008

erm...any chance?

Everton v Newcastle

It's difficult to be optimistic about sport really. Not looking forward to the game today one bit even though I'm wearing my new, hopefully lucky, Everton away shirt.

Come on Blues...sort it out for us. I know things are glum at the moment but it's mine, Paul Cunninghams and Carmel Wilde's birthday today. Give us something to smile about. Please.

Waterloo played like fools for the first 60 minutes and then suddenly turned into world beaters for the last part of the game. It turned a very glum afternoon into a very heartening one especially with the return of Martin "Cakes" O'Keefe. A couple of great tries in there to cheer the dwindling number of fans who are going to see Waterloo these days.

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