Thursday, August 30, 2007

BBC - Radio 4 - Poetry Slam

BBC - Radio 4 - Poetry Slam

God bless the BBC. Not sure whether this is old or new or what but I happened upon it last night. Not usually my sort of thing but it was really entertaining listening to the people blast out their lyrics...some of it was far too earnest and tettered on the line between precocious and pretentious but it was raw and messy (the marking format seems a bit of an afterthough). It was however unashamedly enjoyable. Pure modern poetry stripped down & unpolished getting blasted out to a receptive audience. Sometimes the predictable rhyme or sentiment jars but sometimes the poet slips in a clever little vocal punch from where you aren't expecting it. Definitely be listening again next week.

And on the subject of poetry this was read out on 5live was written by Rhys Jones' dad. I had to turn off in the end as it was too heart-wrenching.

"Now god wanted a football match
And to play it up in heaven
But first he needed players
And select his first eleven

Georgie Best, big Brian Labone
The legend Dixie Dean
Alan Ball and Bobby Moore
All made it in the team

He needed one more player
Some one who would be quick
From up above he looked down
And saw Rhys there in his kit

So Rhys was taken up above
God took him by the hand
To play the game he loved so much
Where sponsorship is banned

There is no cheating either as
God is the referee
There are no mega wages
And the transfers they are free

The games are live on telly
You don't have to subscribe
The players all stay on their feet
Cos no one takes a dive

So Rhys plays now so happily
To the angels in the crowd
And every time he hits the net
They roar his name so loud

Have fun my little blue boy
Your safe and in gods care
Till its time for me to get my boots
And join with you up there

God bless Rhys

Love Mum, Dad & Owen xxxxxx"

Mad-dog and glory?

Looking back there's not been much cricket in the blog this's been pretty turgid and up & down. Loads of injuries and flashes of brilliance dulled by long periods of averageness.

It's warrants mentioning however tonight's tremendous 8th wicket stand by Broad and Bopara to swing the one dayers round England's way.

Broad smiles all round

Bad news for poor David Beckham though...just as he looks certain to get the caps he needs for his tonne he get's a knee injury. He's really pulling his tripe out at the moment ans I suppose something had to give eventually.

Beckham misses England qualifiers

And finally Everton have replaced the potential Frenandes signing with Thomas Gravesen...

much as we loved Mad-dog it's fair to say that is less positive a-move. Still a loan move can't really go wrong, he was a superstar in that final year of his contract. I don't blame him for going to Real, I just hope he comes back with some of the hunger with which he left. If we can get into the UEFA group stage then he'll be very valuable to us. Plus he was such a popular character with the fans that he'll get everyone bouncing.

Tommy returns

It's going to be tricky with him, AJ and Carsley in the team though.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rhys would have smiled at the thought of Z-Cars being played at Anfield

From the BBC :

"It was an emotional night at Anfield, with the Reds paying their own tribute to murdered 11-year-old Everton fan Rhys Jones before kick-off.

The Toffees' theme of Z-Cars was played and the crowd applauded as Rhys's parents stood on the touchline in their Everton shirts." - Story

"Tonight, Liverpool Football Club chooses to honour him by playing Z Cars before their game. Now, I'm under no illusions that this will affect some mass long term change in attitudes between the clubs - I'd be amazed if it lasts to the weekend because people in general aren't that pleasant, memories are short and perspectives are drawn up and redefined on a daily basis.

However, it is a noble gesture from a club we've been quick to condemn for its own attention-seeking antics over the years. It might only be a small token, but what gesture isn't in the wake of a child losing his life in such circumstances?

Liverpool didn't have to do this, they chose to. For this they should have our respect, no matter for how short a term you choose to give it to them. I'm not advocating that we all hold hands, singing along together forever as one united city of two great clubs, but the events of the last few days have made football seem very, very small in comparison."

Trappist beer

Trappist beer

Was very happy to see Orval beer on the shelves at the supermarket near work. Tremendous stuff and, as with all Official Trappist beers, it's all not-for-profit so I get good karma just for drinking it!!! Earl Hickey would be proud.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Struggling manfully

BBC Report

After a moving tribute to little Rhys Jones the business of Everton V Blackburn seemed almost flippant but here's my thoughts.

It was more about Blackburn really. Super-strong side (Christopher Samba in particular stands out) with a class forward line keep themselves busy harrying and getting tight the second the opposition get's the ball. This forced us to squander possesion time and time again. We aren't the best passers in the world anyway but with the options closed down as fast as they were it was doubly difficult. Arteta struggled to impose himself and when that happens Everton struggle....especially now Fernandes isn't coming. We had started really well gut gifted them a soft goal through lead footed defending. Hibbert in particular had a nightmare of a game.

Blackburn took the game by the scruff of the neck but ultimately Everton stayed strong and went in only one down. We hadn't been the better side but we'd stayed in touch...a minor booing seemed harsh to me. Second half Moyes made changes. Lescott came on and imediately looked imperious. Jagielka patrolled the centre with calm efficiency...never getting over-ambitious, he just popped up everywhere he needed to be and then made the easy pass. After that it was Blackburn who were getting pulled out of shape...Arteta got free at last and put in a great ball for McFadden to nip in on...1-1. A fair result. Blackburn are a good side, they'll squeeze points out of many a-game this season. Everton showed resiliance but a lack insight. We have a lot of injuries for this early in the day though. THank God we do have a bit of depth at last.

No outdoor festival

Festival binned at the last minute

Went rounf town on the Monday and perservered with the scaled down Mathew Street was fun as usual but it was very low key and you could tell people hadn't bothered after the powers that be had cancelled the big events. A real shame, they'd better line something good up for next year.

Liverpool is 800 tomorrow!

icLiverpool - Everton in fight to save Fernandes deal

icLiverpool - Everton in fight to save Fernandes deal:

"BEMUSED Everton officials were last night trying to contact Manuel Fernandes in a bid to resurrect his move to Goodison Park. The club were stunned to see Valencia claiming that he had joined them from Benfica just hours after verbally agreeing his switch to Everton with chairman Bill Kenwright following Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Blackburn Rovers."

"The 21-year-old has openly expressed his desire for a return to the Premier League following loan spells with Portsmouth and Everton last season, although both clubs were originally unwilling to meet Benfica’s asking price.

His third-party ownership, given the controversy over Carlos Tevez and Javier Masherano joining West Ham last year, also clouded the issue, which is why Everton were in the process of raising the money to own 100% of him.

But because third-party contracts are no problem in Spain’s Primera Liga, the Valencia deal means his owners would retain an interest in the player and any future transfer fees."

Murky, murky business whenever these third party guys rear there slimy heads (Global Sports Agency in this case)...Really disappointed he's not signing but ultimately he's been comletely duplicitous by the sounds of it. Odd, odd, odd.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Democratic... but still feeling Blue

icLiverpool - Democratic... but still feeling Blue

This is pretty much how I feel at the moment. The club deserve massive respect for holding the vote in the first place. No other clubs has. The majority has had it's say although I am stunned that so many people turned their back on 115 years of heritage on the strength of 4 JPGs and a letter from a supermarket CEO. All the doom-mongering and the cheeky rumour that this new stadium won't cost Everton a penny seem to have swayed people. I firmly believe that Kirkby is no-one's preferred choice. Why couldn't people just have held on for an option that suited us.

icLiverpool - Blues’ fans must now show a clear sense of unity

Hope it's not one big argument tomorrow....The club are having a minute's silence for poor little Rhys Jones....ultimately that's the most important thing that'll happen tomorrow. People here are still stunned by his death...he was just any little kid coming home after playing footy with his mates. Executed by a teenager in broad-daylight.

Eternal rest grant unto him, 0 Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

Everton fans vote for Kirkby move

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Everton | Everton fans vote for Kirkby move


59% - 41%....deep, deep divisions amongst the blues.


"Everton Football Club acknowledges that a majority of those Evertonians who were eligible to vote in the ballot do support the Club in its desire to relocate to a new home in Kirkby."

Eh? 41% is not a majority is it? I'm not disputing the Yes vote but they got 15,230 out of 36,662.

Number of voting packs dispatched 36,662
Number of votes received 25,761
Number of votes found to be invalid 63
Total number of valid votes 25,698
Turnout 70.27%

Yes 15,230 59.27%
NO 10,468 40.73%

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Horrific news on your doorstep

Woke up to this this morning. Abolsutely shocking...God bless the poor little guy and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

BBC Report

Teenagers shooting 11 years in broad daylight as they come home from playing footy? What's going on???????

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

If in doubt put it out

That is the golden rule of defending. Simple stuff.

I have no idea what Paul Robinson was thinking of tonight...England where one up and bossing the game against an under-strength German team. The first real thing Germany had produced lead to him spilling a shot, fair enough it happens...he then chased back to Shorey who had swept up the danger and hoofed it out to the left back position from where Germany could restart their attack...he then completely misread a cross and ended up scambling back towards his own goal to collect it, instead of tipping it over the bar he plopped it down into his own 6 yards area for a German striker to tap into the net...appalling.

BBC Report

Beneathus thcweams 'til he's thick

icLiverpool - Rafa Benitez blasts Premier League

Oh dear! They don't get things their own way and look what happens. That's all a bit pathetic really. One penalty decision goes against them and their tapping-up of Heinze failed and Benitez goes off on one.

there was a time when I'd have said "You exepct better" but now Benitez knows he's got carte blanche to behave as arrogantly as he likes from the assembled adoring hoardes. Doubtless all the rednoses will lap it up as him fighting their corner (totally different from the whingeing they've always hated Ferguson and Mourinho for you understand).

Complaining about kick-off times? If the police are insisting on it then it's tough, if it's cause they are being televised then they are getting the best part of a million pound for each appearance. There's a lot of clubs who'd kill for the money they have coming in. It was the same with a CL can't bask in the rosey glow of millions and millions of pound but complain about the inconveniences and responsibilities that go with it.

"Then I want to ask the Premier League why it was so so difficult for Liverpool to sign Javier Mascherano, when we had to wait a long time for the paperwork, but it was so easy for Carlos Tevez to join Manchester United?"

Erm? Didn't the Tevez signing drag on for months even though by that time the contract with West Ham was actually legal........and didn't The authorities rip up their rulebook and give them special dispensation when our lovable neighbours demanded to be Macherano's third club in a year?

Dummy out of pram?

Cohen walks out after Saints snub

"England World Cup winner Ben Cohen has walked out on Northampton after being overlooked for the club captaincy.

The 28-year-old winger has not attended training since losing out to Bruce Reihana for the role last Wednesday."

Snub or not Saints really need to bounce back after last season. They do NOT need one of their best players doing that, strikes me as a very 'overpaid Premier League footballer' thing to do...can't help but think he's going to turn up at the Guinness Premiership club of his choice very soon.

Rich cannot get richer without help from friends - Times Online

Martin Samuel, an excellent sports journalist, has highlighted this ominous rumbling from across the park. I can't see the turkeys (Ie the rest of the league) ever voting for christmas on this one but we need to be careful on this one. The G14 will push and probe on this one. Beware the thin end of the wedge.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sport spreadsheets

Aaron Heath Dot Com - A Place to Read My Blog and Get Spreadsheets to Follow Football, Cricket and Aussie Rules

This guy seems to be doing some good work.

Tilley hat doffed

BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Referee Styles dropped over error

BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Referee Styles dropped over error

Oh look...ref makes a bad decision against a G14 team...all hell breaks loose. The head of referees apologises and the ref in question is dropped.

I wonder why there was no corresponding furore surrounding Mike Riley gifting liverpool with the free-kick that enabled them to grab all three points at Aston Villa the week before....oh right that wasn't a 'big club' who suffered and so doesn't matter. It's always been said that these things even themselves out over a the case of our lovable neighbours it evened itself out over a week....but somehow it's much more controversial when it's a G14er on the receiving end.

This is not a dig at liverpool, they were robbed against Chelsea...It just that it's getting increasingly obvious nowadays that the Premiership is the top four plus a load of bit-part extras.



Reading 1-0 Everton

That is bit of a kick in the pants...There is no shame in losing there but a win or a draw there would have really set us up nicely. Sounds like two good teams playing out a good game of football but we should be targetting points at places like that. We had our chances but them's the breaks I suppose.

Ah well, just need to put it right at Goodison at the weekend...our first game of the season. Looking forward to it although I'm a bit nervous 'cause Blackburn are looking decent look around and if a couple of teams turn out to be surprise packages this really could be a league of death this season.

Waterloo pre-season news

Waterloo forwards dominate in victory

York the star for Waterloo

Not a lot to go on but nice to see the new signings bedding in.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

MySpaceTV: Sand storm . . . by Christo

MySpaceTV: Sand storm . . . by Christo

Cool video from Iraq.

This will be interesting too :

Amistad replica to dock at Liverpool

We finally got to see the Turning the Place Over thingamy down near Moorfields...really striking, I love that sort of public art for art's sake. Makes otherwise dull bits of the city interesting. People can say what's the point of it but why does there have to be a point?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Football madness

Top of the league/bottom of the league

Everton's impressive start to the season has been heartening and our status as top of the league has given us a few chuckles but it is patently ludicrous printing the league table after less than 3 games. What's even more ludicrous is talk of crisis and managers under pressure at this stage as well. The media seem to be talking up the pressure on Martin Jol and Sammy Lee for their two defeats. It's just crazy-bonkers (copyright 1995 Daniel Amokachi) it really is. Radio reports and phone-ins seem to have Utd fans conceding the league already.

Notice the Kieron Dyer eventually went to Newcatle for the original asking price...wonder if Big Sam eventually found the *ahem* paperwork to be in order.

Dozens killed by Peru earthquake

Dozens killed by Peru earthquake

Bad news to wake up to, especially as we were there on honeymoon this time last year. Pisco was a nice little place (in that shabby Latin American way). There is a pretty impressive national park there with billions of seabirds and seals. We strolled round the town and watched local buses full of rowdy footy fans roll round the main square singing and shouting. Sad to think of it as the centre of such a disaster.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Decision day approaches

Shareholders' Association - Kirkby Q & A with Keith Wyness

There is still no info on what this project will cost us. Tesco's contribution seems less and less impressive the more you look at it.

It seems to be they will aquire the land and get this Barr company to given us a discount but we have no idea how much the club will be expected to pay. How can we back a project that will cost us ? million pound.


BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Tottenham 1-3 Everton

"Follow, follow, follow...Everton is the team to follow"

Times Report

Telegraph report

Brilliant result for Everton at Whitehart Lane...I'd have been chuffed with the draw. I know it's irrelevant but it's always nice to see us top of the league.

By the sounds of things we were good value for the win....they spent £40,000,000 in the close season and everyone, myself included, expected them to be sending a message to the top 4.

The post-match text-fest confirmed that Evertonians are a pretty happy bunch, the jokey scowls from the rednoses in The Victoria adding to the fun.

Habemus Lescott, Habemus Arteta. God I love being an Evertonian.

Nice groud move article

Monday, August 13, 2007

Everton make move for Fernandes

Everton make move for Fernandes

Now this would be good news, a little late but good news nonetheless...Everton really wouldn't be far off with him in our ranks. In fact if Cahill and Vaughan hadn't got those injuries I'd be ecstatic with our squad (assuming Manny signs 'cause there's many slip betwixt cup & lip).

Beattie makes the wrong noises

Beattie glad to end Everton nightmare

"I have never doubted my ability and although the football didn't go too well last season, I was Everton's top scorer 12 months ago and was getting touted to go to the World Cup."

"Last season was a bit of a nightmare. If the manager doesn't fancy you any more you get frozen out and that's what happened to me."

Dissapointing to read that 'cause I'd previously thought he'd left on the right note. The move was the best for all parties concerned...why bother sniping in the press afterwards.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New faces at 'loo

icLiverpool - Waterloo ring the changes

"So far 14 of last season’s squad,Martin O'Keefe, who takes over as club captain, James Hall, Peter Ince, Chris Tyms, James Ormisher, Dan Smith, Dan Palmer, John Broxson, Alex Davies, Chris McGlory, Dan Loader, Neil Kerfoot and Neil Hunter, have committed for the coming season.

New to the club will be Argentine prop Bruno Pani, David York – a South African No 8 from Durban University – Luca Dalan who is an Italian flanker, Aberavon flankerMatt Bradley and another forward, Gareth Owen also a flanker from Bridgend.

More homegrown talent comes with Stephen Dodd a centre from Birkenhead Park, Jonny Lowden, a full-back or centre from Nuneaton and Ormskirk-born Alastair Davidson who has been been full-time at both Edindurgh Rugby and Borders.

Returning to the club are Tom Davies after two seasons at Neath, centre Jason Duffy following a season at Sedgley Park and Stuart Thomas who comes back after two seasons out injured."

Surprised they didn't mention Neil Hunter, if he get's back fit it'll be a bonus as he looked very good in our promotion season.

Nice to see things heading in a positive direction.

Yes vote musings


Kirkby Project website

I am staring at my ballot paper debating what to do....until now I've been No all the way. I just don't think the club has made the argument. I am trying to forget about the sentimentality and the fact it's not in a purple binned part of the area is neither here no there. There hasn't been enough costs and benefits data given to us. I am not sure that a yes vote is the right thing nor am I happy rejecting out of hand what really does like a fantastic bargain.

Why have the vote if they aren't going to furnish us with the information to make an intellgient, measure decision.


Attendances down at Goodison

They really were...Today was Jack O'Boyle's baptism, this meant that lots of my match going gang had to forego the first game of the season in order to attend something tht was truly more important that 22 men chasing a bag of wind round a field for an hour and half. Bishop Malone performed the baptism and Jack was welcomed into the gang in really, really nice style. Me, Dave, Helen and Claire were priveliged enough to be asked to be the little guy's godparents so it was one of the easiest matches I've ever had to miss.

It also meant my cousin Daniel and his dad Angus got to go the game in our 'stead. For some reason Dan, the only blue on that side of the family, always seems to bring us luck. Can't got wrong really.

After the service we hot footed it to the Vic and switched on our phones

Everton were winning 1-0 Osman...St Sebastian had sorted it for us.

2-0 Anichebe and the Evertonians began to swagger....St Sebastian frowned and so news of it going 2-1 brought us down to earth as we endured the interminable wait for the result to come in.

Not too bad really, a poor game by all accounts and Wigan scored the goal of the game but a win is a win.

Back at the Vic we waxed lyrical about how lucky we were to be Evertonians and had a pretty indepth debate about the Kirkby vote...all in all a good old Evertonian night.

Add to this that when I got home I find my fave blue blogger Sarah has gotten herself back online and it adds up to a pretty cool old day :

Sarah D

Friday, August 10, 2007

Big Sam annoyed at the basics of commercial transactions

So Newcastle agreed a few...changed their mind, the deal collapsed and Allardyce is acting liked the wounded party...You can only assume he didn't get offered a big enough brown envelope. I suppose saying that could land me in trouble but if his own son can say it why can't I?

The Magpies had accepted a bid of £6m for the player but increased the amount they wanted for the 28-year-old to a fee thought to be in the region of £8m.

"In the end, we decided Kieron was undervalued," said Allardyce.

"We escalated the valuation to what we thought was realistic and West Ham did not want to roll with it."

Dyer had agreed personal terms and passed a medical at the London club.

But West Ham boss Alan Curbishley said on Saturday that the deal "was pulled at the 11th hour by Newcastle and there's not much we can do about that".

Newcastle's re-evaluation of Dyer angered Curbishley, who said on Saturday that the transfer was "definitely off".

But Allardyce said he was "more upset" than West Ham about the collapse of the deal.

"Why? That is confidential," added Allardyce.

Animal battle video becomes hit

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Animal battle video becomes hit

Apologies for finding this compelling. This very evening I was having the old Lion/Tiger Great White/Orca debate with a mate from Lourdes and then this pops up.

Tremendous stuff (after some beers)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rugby podcast

Tremendous work by the folks over at TheRugbyForum for their new podcasts. Top rugby banter from an England, Welsh and US perspective.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More No vote musings

This time from the When Skies are Grey website :

Get it right

A move to Kirkby will hand over the city to the Yanks to push their brand totally unopposed. And push it they will.

Once those red dollar signs start appearing, the likes of Liverpool City Council won't need much reminding (as if they ever did) where their future interests lie. A stadium in a public park will just be the start.

The net result being, those future generations of youngsters in the city with only one 'local' team from which to choose, will slowly succumb to totally unopposed local media bias, and the erosion of our traditional fan base will begin.

I know we need to improve revenue streams, move or redevelop Goodison Park, blah de blah, but Kirkby is not the RIGHT move.

I have accepted the club's stance that redeveloping Goodison Park was not an option, despite no available public feasibility study. I assume that the club's lack of exploration of other sites,was due to this so called 'exclusivity period' with Knowsley Borough Council, and a lack of finance, but this 'no plan B' statement is absolute rubbish! The club have treated us like idiots in saying this.

There is always a plan B, even if it means staying put. A CEO without a plan B is blagging or not doing his job. Plan B may cost more or deliver less. Let us not forget, Goodison Park may not be safe inside ten years, so what will the board do then if the Kirkby vote is a big fat NO? Plan B anyone?

So just what will Kirkby actually give us in real terms? An iconic new stadium design perhaps? No. Take away the blue bits and there is nothing at all which associates it with Everton Football Club.

Will it give loads more cash to Davie Moyes, and allow us to 'compete' in the transfer market? Well, up to £10M more was quoted, so only a blue billionaire or rule changes will ever allow us to compete with the likes of Manchester United in the transfer market again

No, in return for selling our home, our standing in the city, our heritage and ultimately our pride and our soul, we get a blue Meccano structure on a retail park on the outskirts of Merseyside, with enough extra money to maybe buy two Championship players. But it's ok because we got the deal of the century, a stadium and some land on the cheap.

Face it, over the years we've been crap, often. Yet even with the other lot winning penalty shootouts by the barrel-load and being the local and national media darlings, even after last day escapes, many humiliations and numerous false dawns, we still manage to recruit a sizeable percentage of mainly local support and remain a 36,000 strong big blue thorn in the side of the red franchise.

A move to Kirkby will not stop United taking our best players if they wish. A move to Kirkby will not guarantee Champions League football, nor will it guarantee sell-out attendances every fortnight. It will not boost our image locally or internationally, will not give us a prime location to maximise on other commercial interests nor ensure that fans get to the match easier.

The club owes it to the fans for their years of unswerving loyalty to now finally deliver on the motto. We are Liverpool's oldest club and this is our future at stake. It isn't like taking a chance on a young manager, overpriced player, or finding a new owner. Even a last-day relegation dogfight becomes insignificant compared to this in the long term.

If you have any doubts about Kirkby at all, if you feel any aspect of the move does not deliver up to the club motto, do the right thing for the long term future of Everton Football Club, listen to your conscience and vote no to Kirkby.

This is a difficult time for Evertonians...Kirkby represents, or is being represented as, an oportunity for the club to get out of the medium size club morass and onto the next level. Weighed against that is our Evertonian heritage, our dads and grand-dads went to that stadium, had their trials, tribulations and triumphs there and shuffled back down Goodison Road in the same way we do nowadays. We would be abandoning all that tradition. History was made at that ground, William Ralph Dean scored his 60th league goal of the season there, he died there as well! There are 1000s of stories linked to "The Old Lady" everyone's got their own.

Giving all that up is a massive step but if the club needs to do it to move forward I think blues will be able to bite the bullet...But the club has singularly failed to spell out that need (aside from a bunch of scare stories from Tom Cannon) and it has also singularly failed to spell out how a new stadium will help us move forward. Yes there'll be more seats and more corporate boxes, more food & drink kiosks etc etc but if the stadium's half empty what revenue will they be generating?

For me I just don't see this dammed up wall of Evertonianism just waiting for a modern arena to flood into. If they can really spell out the benefits then I'd glumly vote Yes but the clubs just don't seem to have bothered doing that. Until that happens I'm a No voter.

As I've said before I love the idea of being proved wrong and, in a few years, watching Everton parade the treble round our beloved Fortress Kirkby. In the current footballing climate I just don't see how this scheme suits Everton in any way other than it's a cheap way to get a new stadium. Evertonians deserve better than trooping out to a retail park every two weeks.

Anyway I thought I'd post this goal by Florent Malouda from last weekend Charity/Community Shield game 'cause it was such a great impovised finish.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Beattie makes the right noises


"Things didn't go well for me last season, for one reason or another, but I hope the fans appreciated my attitude. I never stopped working hard in training and always gave everything for the cause when I was on the pitch...and that's exactly what Evertonians expect.

"They are terrific fans and I will never forget them."

I think say that is a nice gesture on his part....let's face it, apart from one purple patch during the season before last his time at Everton was pretty dire. No ill will, he just isn't a target man and he's not versatile enough to adapt. He always seemed a popular member of the team and never pouted like many-a centre forward would have done in his position.

Evertonians are not stupid, we knew what he could achieve when he hit his stride. The encouragement he got was pretty generous considering his form.

£4 million is decent money so this is best for all concerned.

The Olive Press Liverpool

The Olive Press Liverpool, enjoy a taste of the mediterranean, specifically designed for a dining experience the whole family will enjoy

Went to The Olive Press yesterday for mine and Anne's 1st anniversary....had a lovely time. I am not a big fan of Italian restaurants as generally I find that it's just stuff you could have at home. This place was really nice though. Definitely recomend it.

Feels like the sports season is kicking off again....the SPL is back, the charity shield and some rugby tests to boot. Phew...thank God for that, it was a long couple of days without major sporting events.

Everton have one week to get their acts together in terms of signings....I know the market has been crazy this time round (If Chopra & Richardson are worth £5 million then I must be worth a six figure fee) but if you aren't mvoing forwards you are going backwards in this league and it'd be terrible to see our potential squandered yet again.

Friday, August 03, 2007

YouTube - Setanta Sports TV Advertising

YouTube - Setanta Sports TV Advertising

Another advert for Nige

"No plan B?"

Keep Everton In Our City - LATEST NEWS


It seems that some Evertonians have been working flat out to prepare a Plan B. Impressive work. No bluster, no promises, no pie-in-the-sky....just a breakdown of what could be done if the will was there. Who knows what the best option is for Everton;s future. One thing is certain the KEIOC people can be proud of themselves...Even if us No voters (for I just don't see the long term benefits of a move in this climate) are totally wrong at least, because of them, people were allowed to have the debate.

Ultimately that's all people are asking for. The club has just wheeled out the likes of Tom Cannon to do a Private Frasier impression then put some flashy JPGS onto the website and vaguely assured us how rosy the future will be if we mve to Kirkby. It's not enough information to make the decision with.

Perhaps this will force the club to come back to us with the info we need....even if Tom Hughes' plans achieve nothing else it's done enough.

Hats off.

Laura, a bluenose I know from MySpace popped along and had a's her response :

Okay, so here's the thing, there has been a lot of propoganda from old Wyness and emotive language used like, "deal of the centuary" but my overiding feeling about the whole thing is this:

KEIOC are working their backsides off to find a plan B. Everton have catagorically stated there is no plan B. Then Mr Ian Ross says in an interview that if the vote is a no we will look at redeveloping Goodison, is that not a plan B? Then Wyness says the vote is just an opinion poll and won't affect the decision. Huh? Ian Ross just said it would. Do the Everton board know their arses from their elbows? Why are they contradicting each other and why haven't they given us reasons behind their decisions?

When there are councillors and architects and companies telling us there are other options why are Everton putting up a brick wall and not talking to us?

I don't have anything against Kirkby, I consider Alan Stubbs a scouser but I'm not in favour of a move to the long lane or speke site's either because it away from our home, the place where we belong and the place that has all our history.

Naturally I'm in favour of redeveloping Goodison, it is a club of history and tradition which we would loose by moving. As a plan B, I think the Bestaways site could work. It is actually closer to the roundhouse than where we are now and so we are still within the area of our birth. It's a similar deal to the Kirkby site without tesco's involvement but I think that it would be better to go into debt and have a city based stadium than have a small town based stadium.

I don't see how any Evertonian can possible vote to move to Kirkby without all the information. It would be a knee jerk reaction to the propaganda that has come out of Goodison. Don't get me wrong KEIOC are very good at propaganda too, but they are backing up their arguements and giving the information to the fans in an understandable way. Let's get Everton doing the same. Where is their open day for us to go and look at the plans, see the business plan, see the commitment from Tesco, speak to someone who can answer all these questions. How can anyone vote to leave our beloved Goodison without having all the facts. If Kirkby is really the only viable option then why don't Everton explain it to us in fact based terms instead of just publishing fancy pictures of the new ground? Which seemingly is a pie in the sky ambition anyway when there are developers, builders, qs's telling us there is no way Everton can build that for £100m. When you consider that Liverpool's ground is set to cost £280m and Arsenals was £350 it is not hard to see that the £100m price tag is unrealistic.

If you vote yes there is NO GOING BACK, there is no stopping the corporate machine but if you vote no then there is. It will force Everton to look into the other options and publish the results, it may take a year and it may be agreed that actually Kirkby is the only viable solution but wouldn't you feel happier knowing that the club has been transparent about everything and exhausted every possible solution? They say they have but where's the proof?

I live in Halewood and if there was a proposed move here I wouldn't support it, I'd fly to the fuckin moon to watch the blues so having it closer to me makes no odds, I'd rather go and watch them play where dixie once played, where the holy trinity played, where Duncan scored THAT goal against the Mancs and where I danced around singing du du du du andy johnson when he scored the third against the gobshites.

I believe in Everton, I believe in the city, I believe in tradition and I believe in the fans.

Don't turn your back on Goodison Park; vote NO to Kirkby.

Laura - a very worried Evertonian x x x

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mixed reactions over smoking ban

BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Mixed reactions over smoking ban

Have to say as a none smoker we are loving the atmosphere in the pubs's so nice not waking up the next morning and your hair still stinking of smoke.

Before the ban I never expected pubs to have air akin to a Highland mountainside but there were a couple of pubs that really were beyond the pale. With that in mind we headed towards The Pilgrim and The Swan...both regular haunts in the past but on occasion they were like opium dens. So much nice nowadays...can't tell you how much more pleasant it was.

Hope the ban holds is it's got to be a step in the right direction (almost a 3rd of publicans saying it's increased trade!)...just need to perfect the holding-my-breath skills now to ensure a none-cancerous entry into every single building in the country.