Monday, August 06, 2007

The Olive Press Liverpool

The Olive Press Liverpool, enjoy a taste of the mediterranean, specifically designed for a dining experience the whole family will enjoy

Went to The Olive Press yesterday for mine and Anne's 1st anniversary....had a lovely time. I am not a big fan of Italian restaurants as generally I find that it's just stuff you could have at home. This place was really nice though. Definitely recomend it.

Feels like the sports season is kicking off again....the SPL is back, the charity shield and some rugby tests to boot. Phew...thank God for that, it was a long couple of days without major sporting events.

Everton have one week to get their acts together in terms of signings....I know the market has been crazy this time round (If Chopra & Richardson are worth £5 million then I must be worth a six figure fee) but if you aren't mvoing forwards you are going backwards in this league and it'd be terrible to see our potential squandered yet again.

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