Friday, April 29, 2005

More Euro confusion.

BBC SPORT Football Europe Liverpool suffer new Euro setback

It would appear that the entire nation have decided that Everton are DEFINITELY going to finish 4th and the rednoses are definitely going to win the Champions League. Personally I think Everton have been so up and down since Christmas. I'd not be surprised if we stumbled in the home straight. The manager and players have papered over the cracks brilliantly, results like Villa away and Palace and United at Goodison were tremendous but all too often we've looked like we were running on empty (Blackburn, West Brom, Birmingham and Southampton). Anyway the noise UEFA seem to be making are positive. A win against Fulham tomorrow would be a fabulous result for us and let's remember whatever happens we are in Europe when at the start of the season everyone I know would have been delighted with 40 points and 17th place. The problem is that our lovable neighbours are ridiculously jeckyl and hyde this year. The win games thay've no right to and lose to the most unlikely opposition imaginable. It's been a very odd season.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


My mate Nigel is in another advert....this one he actually get's speak in it.

As far as we can all tell he is playing himself. Good you Nige.

No footy last night.........getting old...the amount of sore knees we get these days.

Poor old Amber

My boss is a Tory and there's a bloke on The People's Forum who reckon's he supports them (Though it does look like a wind up sometimes). I also have a good mate down in London, I've never really talked politics with him but he plays polo....this guarantees he's a Tory surely.

Apart from one or two people I come into contact with I don't really know any Conservatives. Liverpool is Labour through and through (Some people refer to my home seat of Bootle as a rotten borough.

I read an article in The Times about our local Conservative candidate Amber seems she walks a lonely path. Good luck to her but tough shit.....Liverpool was decimated by her lot last time. I always hated Thatcher but only in a 'bogey-man' sort of way. She was evil...I didn't know why she just was. I remember Tebbit saying how people should get on their bikes and look for work it clicked then. Half my family was on the dole and that bastard was basically calling them feckless and lazy, all his little-England middle class party conferencers cheered and roared their approval. They didn't give a flying f*ck about Liverpool and it's problems. I think more than anything I'll always be and anti-tory voter. Living in Liverpool I'll never get a chance to do it though. 60-70% of the vote goes to our New Labour saviours, this is virtually guaranteed. is an interesting one though. Good old Billy Bragg, (One has to wonder what Red-Wedge would make of Tony Blair et al though).

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I still can't get over a rampant fear that Howard and his Conservative chums are going to sneak in next week. This, I feel, would be a disaster. There campaign is reprehensible, playing on people's fears and capitilising on knee-jerkers with oportunistic quick-fix promise. The main problem is that I can go ahead with my long standing drunken boast that I'd be off to New Zealand the second the right wing scum get it.

By right wing I of course mean The Conservatives....although let's face it there isn't that much difference between the two main parties. If only I had the guts to vote Lib Dem....Charlie, Menzies and the boys would probably be my preferred choice however the claims of "Go to bed with Charles Kennedy...wake up with Michael Howard" are pretty well observed. What to do, what to do. I can'r shake this attitude much to the chagrin of my Lib Dem supporting friends (Sorry Themi...I'm a bottler).


Everton are in Europe.


I am chuffed.........God bless David Moyes and the Everton players. You are heroes.

Now all we need is somewhere nice in the draw. UEFA cup qualification is wonderful but there is still a chance we can get into the Champions League! It's ours to lose, 2 wins out of 4 will do it but our legs look very heavy in some games. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Childish but fun

lots of wholesome anti-tory fun to be had at:

If I had any balls I'd be out defacing the real thing. How hard is it to keep a hospital privatised the cleaning staff you hypocritical scum. Howard's own father was an asylum seeker and, at one stage, an illegal immigrant. There campaign makes me sick.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


What a night.........Everton 1-0 Manchester United. First time in 10 years we've beaten them. It was fabulous. Goodison was bouncing. From the first minute we went at them, the tone was set. We usually just let them set the tempo, we got into them and rattled them from the off. Usually United revel in it when a team tries to get amongst them....Arsenal are far more brittle.

We scored with 35 minutes to go....Big Dunc putting in a header from an Arteta free-kick. The worlds best defender was nowhere to be seen. The places went BESERK!. Duncan gave everything and basically made Rio Ferdinand look like a sunday league player.

It was all there last night...Gary Neville, wretch that he is, getting himself sent off after the corwd in the Family Enclosure goaded him into booting the ball into the crowd, Ronaldo getting booked for diving. Fun, fun, fun!

There is nothing better than when the blues pull off a result like that. Shuffling along Gwladys St sing The Royal Blue Mersey surrounded by smiles.

Straight down to the Black Horse throat is destroyed today.

God bless David Moyes and the Everton players. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Wayne who (Updated)

Just a quick note to congratulate James Vaughan. Everton battered Crystal Palace 4-0 at the weekend...a good performance from everyone but especially Mr Vaughan who came on and scored. He is the youngest ever premiership scorer taking James Milner's record and further erasing Wayne Rooney from our record books.

Everyone was ecstatic and the players did a joyous Everton could see how chuffed they were for him. Heart warming stuff.

I've since found out that Everton players make up 6 of the 12 youngest Premiership goalscorers. Outstanding.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The eagles have landed

Claire and my Bro have arrived safely in South America....I imagine they'll hit a bit of culture shock after New Zealand and Austrlia but they've been away for months now. Machu Pichu and the Nazca lines await them. Jammy gets.

They have had a bit of bother 'cause their bank decided to re-issue their bank cards thus leaving them with no way of getting more cash.

I have to send them to a Posthouse restaurant in Buenos Aires or something. Looking forward to their next batch of pictures.