Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Poor old Amber

My boss is a Tory and there's a bloke on The People's Forum who reckon's he supports them (Though it does look like a wind up sometimes). I also have a good mate down in London, I've never really talked politics with him but he plays polo....this guarantees he's a Tory surely.

Apart from one or two people I come into contact with I don't really know any Conservatives. Liverpool is Labour through and through (Some people refer to my home seat of Bootle as a rotten borough.

I read an article in The Times about our local Conservative candidate Amber seems she walks a lonely path. Good luck to her but tough shit.....Liverpool was decimated by her lot last time. I always hated Thatcher but only in a 'bogey-man' sort of way. She was evil...I didn't know why she just was. I remember Tebbit saying how people should get on their bikes and look for work it clicked then. Half my family was on the dole and that bastard was basically calling them feckless and lazy, all his little-England middle class party conferencers cheered and roared their approval. They didn't give a flying f*ck about Liverpool and it's problems. I think more than anything I'll always be and anti-tory voter. Living in Liverpool I'll never get a chance to do it though. 60-70% of the vote goes to our New Labour saviours, this is virtually guaranteed. is an interesting one though. Good old Billy Bragg, (One has to wonder what Red-Wedge would make of Tony Blair et al though).

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