Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I still can't get over a rampant fear that Howard and his Conservative chums are going to sneak in next week. This, I feel, would be a disaster. There campaign is reprehensible, playing on people's fears and capitilising on knee-jerkers with oportunistic quick-fix promise. The main problem is that I can go ahead with my long standing drunken boast that I'd be off to New Zealand the second the right wing scum get it.

By right wing I of course mean The Conservatives....although let's face it there isn't that much difference between the two main parties. If only I had the guts to vote Lib Dem....Charlie, Menzies and the boys would probably be my preferred choice however the claims of "Go to bed with Charles Kennedy...wake up with Michael Howard" are pretty well observed. What to do, what to do. I can'r shake this attitude much to the chagrin of my Lib Dem supporting friends (Sorry Themi...I'm a bottler).

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