Wednesday, December 28, 2005

IKEA POANG armchair

IKEA POANG armchair

Sorry I've not been posting much but a good Christmas was had. Lots of family stuff squeezed in. Forgot just how much happy, cheerful & loud the whole family can be.

I've now got a Poang armchair...I daresay I'll be getting up a lot less.

Everton are getting worryingly garbage again. Consequetive 4-0 defeats, no fight and the derby to come tonight. Grim times, most of my mates are blue and there isn't a lot of cheer going on. I got myself a Waterloo shirt as did another of my mates...we both wore them to the same party and were laughed at (fair enough).

Managed to survive the sales...we walked there. Very good idea, the traffic was ludicrous. My mate Mary went at that's dedication! I got myself a new suit with the minimum of fuss so my quest to "scrub up quite well" is progressing nicely.

In work today and then straight off to the Black Horse.......COYB please!

Monday, December 19, 2005

downs and ups

Well..............Everton do depress you. 0-4 at home to fecking Bolton. Oddly enough we actually didn't play that badly...we had most of the play but they punished us every time we slipped up. Sickeningly depressing. On the upside It'll be months before I have to sit through a game involving Bolton again.

Trudged home and checked teletext for the rugby scores. 'loo won with a bonus whilst Mosely and Esher both lost (the latter being 15-0 up at half time).

There are rumours doing the rounds that three teams will end up getting promoted from National Division 2...this'd be great 'cause the three teams up there at the moment are all playing really well.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Waterloo R.F.C. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Waterloo R.F.C. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All my own work......not too bad.

Everton battled and scrapped for a point at Old Trafford...we could have even have won it at the end (although they could possibly have had a penalty given). Killer broke forward an a mazy run pulling three or four players, Osman wrked the ball into their vacant right back position for McFadden to surge into the box and lash a scorching low shot between Van der Saar and the near post. A much maligned trio come up trumps for the blues. After that Beattie ran his socks off and Richard Wright pulled off some superb stops to keep us in the game. Tremendous stuff from a pretty threadbare squad.

Phil Neville is becoming more of a hero with each passing game.

Daily Mirror article on Phillip

We are now one of the form teams in the league.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Discover Music - Pandora

Discover Music - Pandora

Great music'll take your faves, analyse them and keep playing similar songs.

On the sports field we watched a 30 mud-men slosh round St Anthony's in a top-of-the-table clash between 'loo and Esher. Esher's website seems to think Waterloo are lucky that conditions were the way they were whilst their team struggled manfully like the Barbarians of old to play fantastic rugby. Either way it ended in a rainy mud-sodden draw...not a bad result but out of Esher, Waterloo and Mosely one of them is going to be disappointed at the end of the season.

Everton are continueing their revival.......thank God. On Saturday we earned another 3 points against a very robust Blackburn. We took the lead via James McFadden and soon after their skipper was sent off for a deliberate handball.....kind of harsh but after so many weeks of rotten luck we've had descisions go for us in the last two games. Arteta scored a lovely goal just before the break et voila.

This is the first 'cushion' we've had this year. Before Saturday we'd took 13 points from 5 efficient is that!

Beattie is looking better and better....he was lively again this week and although goals aren't coming his contribution is good (that clearance of the line last week easily negates the late miss).