Wednesday, December 28, 2005

IKEA POANG armchair

IKEA POANG armchair

Sorry I've not been posting much but a good Christmas was had. Lots of family stuff squeezed in. Forgot just how much happy, cheerful & loud the whole family can be.

I've now got a Poang armchair...I daresay I'll be getting up a lot less.

Everton are getting worryingly garbage again. Consequetive 4-0 defeats, no fight and the derby to come tonight. Grim times, most of my mates are blue and there isn't a lot of cheer going on. I got myself a Waterloo shirt as did another of my mates...we both wore them to the same party and were laughed at (fair enough).

Managed to survive the sales...we walked there. Very good idea, the traffic was ludicrous. My mate Mary went at that's dedication! I got myself a new suit with the minimum of fuss so my quest to "scrub up quite well" is progressing nicely.

In work today and then straight off to the Black Horse.......COYB please!

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