Monday, December 19, 2005

downs and ups

Well..............Everton do depress you. 0-4 at home to fecking Bolton. Oddly enough we actually didn't play that badly...we had most of the play but they punished us every time we slipped up. Sickeningly depressing. On the upside It'll be months before I have to sit through a game involving Bolton again.

Trudged home and checked teletext for the rugby scores. 'loo won with a bonus whilst Mosely and Esher both lost (the latter being 15-0 up at half time).

There are rumours doing the rounds that three teams will end up getting promoted from National Division 2...this'd be great 'cause the three teams up there at the moment are all playing really well.

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Mary said...

Stuey I like it!!!
See you Sat - are you coming to ours before the game??