Thursday, April 15, 2010

15th April Anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster

Today is the 21st anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster...the debates, recriminations and boycotts go on but at the end of the day 96 footy fans went the match and didn't come home.

Tough time of year for a lot of people on Merseyside and a time of reflection for the rest of us.

I've no love of liverpool football club but on days like this blood is thicker than water.

And remember, don't buy The Sun

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arrrrrrrrrgh! Aston Villa 2-2 Everton

How annoying is that???? Everton really should have won at Villa Park tonight. 90th minute own goal equaliser to deny us the points. Gutted.

A win would have really put us in with a great chance of sneaking a Europe League spot (unless Portsmouth snaffle it in the courts). Don't think it will happen now. Pity really...but ultimately we gave the rest of the league a t month head start and and the business end of the season the wearyness is beginning to show.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday, April 09, 2010

Telegraph General Election Map

Love this General Election map found at the Telegraph’s site. It shows all the constituencies laid out rather then geaographically...Big, big north/south divide.


Whilst we are at it this is always fun #toryfail


footy betting for the weekend

What with the National being on this weekend we are in a gambling mood. Have been looking up the Premier League and FA Cup fixtures at my favourite online bookies.


On Saturday we have :

Hull v Burnley   

Home : 3/4

Draw : 5/2

Away : 15/4


West Ham v Sunderland              

Home : 11/10

Draw : 9/4

Away : 13/5


Then to Sunday :


Wolves v Stoke

Home : 5/4

Draw : 9/4

Away : 9/4


Blackburn v Man Utd     

Home : 6/1

Draw : 3/1

Away : 1/2



Liverpool v Fulham         

Home : 3/10

Draw : 4/1

Away : 10/1



Man City v Birmingham

Home : 4/9

Draw : 16/5

Away : 13/2


Add in the FA Cup games :


Aston Villa v Chelsea

Home : 5/1

Draw : 14/5

Away : 4/7


Tottenham v Portsmouth

Home : 3/10

Draw : 4/1

Away : 9/1


So shooting from the hip I'll go for X 1 X 2 1 1 2 1 (Ie Hull & Burnley to draw, Wham to beat Sunderland, Wolves to draw with Stoke, Utd to win, our neighbours to squeak past a leggy Fulham, City to beat a deck-chaired Birmingham and Chelsea and Spurs to win their FA Cup semis with some to spare).


A £1 bet will bring back £137 on that lot...but of course it won't happen. Anyone got any tips for the National?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cap doff of the night

Superb, superb stuff from Fulham once again...still smarts how tamely Everton went out of Europe but it's great to see such craft and endeavour from a team loving their European experience.

Not even going to mention that lot across the park...noticed a swagger and a few cocky comments aimed at's like they never got knocked out of the Champions League all those months. Even if they go onto win the Europa League their "European tournaments knocked out of" column will read the same as everyone else's.

Their ability to collectively airbrush their own perceptions and cheerfully ignore their own double standards is jaw-dropping. I mean I know full well that's a sweeping generalisation and you shouldn't tar everyone with the same brush but really.

Anyway the night belongs to Fulham.

Last night belonged to Barca...I remember them kicking Arsenal off the park in Paris a few years ago but now they are just the most awesome footy side you've ever seen. Any true footy fan should have affection for Barca. Mes que un Club.

Masterchef doesn't getting more ridiculous than this

Ah well, we all love it...the hyperbole is as overblown as ever, the cliff hangers even more climactic, the hosts ever more breathless but Masterchef is probably the only reality tv show I'll ever bother with.

Nice to have Greg and John back together although we miss Michel and Monica ("Get that garnish on the plate NOW").

This year the standard is higher than ever I'd say (although last year's professionals were something else). Glad Dhruv Baker won in the end because A: he was the best one but B: Food Blogger Alex just seemed to build himself up with every soundbite "this was an amazing experience and it just proves how great I am" (well okay, not quite).

Hope there three of them do well, I think I'd happilly go to any Masterchef finalist's resaurant....I would love to know what the finalists cooked in the first Masterchef final compared the quite bonkersly good food getting presented nowadays