Thursday, April 08, 2010

Masterchef doesn't getting more ridiculous than this

Ah well, we all love it...the hyperbole is as overblown as ever, the cliff hangers even more climactic, the hosts ever more breathless but Masterchef is probably the only reality tv show I'll ever bother with.

Nice to have Greg and John back together although we miss Michel and Monica ("Get that garnish on the plate NOW").

This year the standard is higher than ever I'd say (although last year's professionals were something else). Glad Dhruv Baker won in the end because A: he was the best one but B: Food Blogger Alex just seemed to build himself up with every soundbite "this was an amazing experience and it just proves how great I am" (well okay, not quite).

Hope there three of them do well, I think I'd happilly go to any Masterchef finalist's resaurant....I would love to know what the finalists cooked in the first Masterchef final compared the quite bonkersly good food getting presented nowadays

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