Monday, June 29, 2009

Jo Whiley is a vapid sycophant and the British Lions were robbed

So what did we learn over the last week....well for one thing Stephen Pienaar and Tim Howard are both ace but ultimately miss out on honours due to not being in the 'elite' teams.

We also learnt that when touring the southern hemisphere teams from up here will always be the victims of dodgy referees. They were brilliant on Saturday and deserved so much more than going down 2-0. They have really shown a lot of pride & togetherness during this tour. Qualities that were missing during the New Zealand tour. But for a few key moments they could easily be 2-0 up. Hopefully whatever happens in the final test it'll prove that The Lions will always have their place in world rugby because both tests so far have been superb games.

....and we also learnt that the BBC are only interested in presenters who will earnestly look into a camera and proclaim that what they are seeing is just brilliant/fantastic/amazing etc etc etc. Primary amongst this is their Vapid-Sycophant-in-chief Jo Whiley but her cohorts (and possibly clones) Edith Bowman and Zane Lowe are almost as bad. I am, of course talking about their Glastonbury coverage, Blur were good last night...their slow songs were spot on but all the up-tempo songs were just that little bit too snatched and fast. Probably understandable nerves.

One thing I did notice this year was that the flags are just getting ridiculous...paying all that cash to look at a stage obscured by a forest of national flags, footy flags, CND flags and a huge banner with "I love sausage" written on it. Shame on the two flag carrying Evertonians who were seen at a Ting-Tings gig!

We also learnt that The Ting-Tings are still garbage...shame on the two Evertonian flag wavers in the audience.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BBC Licence fee to be split up

Do I not get a say in this?

BBC Licence fee could be shared

I don't really want my money going to pay for ITV or Channel4...quite frankly their crap. The BBC is ace. If the sponsors and advertisers aren't enough to keep Coronation Street in the production values it is accustomed to then tough luck.

If I am going to pay for anything I want it to be the sort of high quality stuff that only the BBC can produce. If we are talking about sharing it out how about giving ITV Jonathon Ross' share, that's it.

Leave the BBC alone, it's one of the best things about the country.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Is this your new replica kit? (What were Spurs thinking?) 15 June 2009 - 13:18 |

Is this your new replica kit? (What were Spurs thinking?) 15 June 2009 - 13:18 |

New football kits for this season. I don't particularly like the new Everton home shirt (the away kits looks like it'll be nice but isn't pictured here).

The new Blackburn and Bolton shirts are much worse than ours.

City's is surprisingly classic given that Umbro were forever messing with our shirts when they made them.

Wow, It's just not cricket...actually it is

I'm sure there was a fair few MCC members scowling yesterday but ultimately yesterday was just a cricket carnival.

Even the most cynical of England fans would doff their caps to the Indian fans, fanatical doesn't even begin to cover it. As the Australian will attest our "Barmy Army" are no slouches either so it made for an amazingly vibrant evening. If they fail the old Tory "cricket test" then who cares.

With 153 runs under our belt I thought England were at least 20 short but in the end it was an absolutely enthralling finish.

So chuffed England won, this tournament is really catching fire now, England have an extremely difficult job on their hands later today but after yesterday anything is possible. Hope some of those Indian cricket fans will revert to plan b and support us now.

Monday, June 08, 2009


Well after the debacle against the Netherlands it was relieving to see England step up and deal with a very tricky match against Pakistan so professionally.

The loss to the Dutch was utterly shocking but Twenty20 can be like that 'cause the game can get away from you so quickly. Against Pakistan that never really looked like happening. It would have been pretty shocking to go out of the tournament after just two days so I'm very glad we won.

England's footy players dealt with an arduous trip out to central Asia pretty professionally too with a fairly comfortable 4-0 win (once we'd settled down) and finally the Lions continued their winning ways although they were given a scare against the Ceetahs as they almost blew a 20 point lead.

Also great to see Roger Federer complete his career grand slam because he really is one of the greatest.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

and that's that

Bit gutted about the FA Cup Final still but at the end of the day it was a great day to be an Evertonian whatever the result. Chelsea fans, individually, were mainly sound but collectively they seemed an odd bunch (Singing versions "Poor Scouser Tommy" and some weird Bouncey bouncey song). It was only this weekend that's made me realise how unpopular Chelsea are, everyone we met, Arsenal, liverpool, United, Blackburn, West Ham, Brentford seemed to be going out of their way to wish us luck again The Pensioners which was nice.

Ultimately the only thing that threw the Evertonians off kilter was Saha's early was very much "Okay, what do we do now" (We had a brilliant angle for Saha's goal...the delirium after he scored was breathtaking.

In the end we we met Triumph and Disaster and treated those two impostors just the same and that's all you can ask.

Will write more about the match when the dust settles (Haven't even read the program yet). It has been a great old season...if even my lucky conkers couldn't conjure up a win then nothing could.

Thanks to everyone, blue or otherwise, who's helped make this such great season.