Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Liverpool Biennial

This infinity room is part of this year's Liverpool Biennial :

Simple but brilliant stuff. If you get a chance I'd definitely check out the various installations.

Definitely need to see the Joyful Trees.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sporting weekends

Everton 0 - 2 liverpool

Blackheath 48 - 12 Waterloo

Ugh, what a crappy weekend of sport. Everton got lost the derby and Waterloo got another beating down in Blackheath.

The main problem with Everton on Saturday was that their usually hard-to-play-against 4-4-1-1 was shackled all day and kept as a 4-5-0-1. It made all the difference as Cahill just could not get himself into the game. We kept fairly close to them but created nothing with Yakubu up front on his own. Moyes tried to push Fellaini further forward and we looked more dangerous but left acres of space for them to dominate the midfield.

There wasn't that much in the game but you can't really argue with the result. They grabbed a goal and then we went to pieces for 5 minutes...after that there was no way back. It was a surprisingly low key affair with scarecely a murmur from either bunch of fans. Odd.

Hope we can salvage something from our season on Thursday. I do think it comes down to that.

Waterloo apparently played well but came away with absolutely nothing from London. That makes it 4 losses out of 4 and not even a losing bonus point to show for it. Bottom of the pile in a division where potentially 4 teams goes down. Tricky times.

At least Lancashire staved off relegation this season...it comes to something when that is the highlight of your sporting weekend.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Robinho sacks his agent

Robinho sacks his agent

We can only assume that this is because he is SO happy to have ended up at Manchester City instead of Chelsea and therefore he's feeling so settled and blissfully contented that he no-longer needs the services of an agent.

That's really the only conclusion to draw.

UEFA Cup to become UEFA Europa League

UEFA Cup to become UEFA Europa League

The Europa League

New impetus? Changing landscape? Wholesale changes?

How about getting a sponsor and a tv deal and sharing out the money so that clubs don't make a loss by being in it whilst any Champions League club who happens to slip up get's to negotiate it's own telly deal and basically keep the whole pie for themselves.

Just a thought.....love the new name though. No, really.

The bit of Britain near me in bloom

Well done to the good folk of Woolton for winning gold in the Britain in Bloom awards.

Because we are (infrequent) regulars at The Victoria on Quarry Street in Woolton we walk through it fairly often and it's so obvious how much the appearance of the place is a labour of love to it's residents (This year the floralness even seems to have spilt over to dear old Hunts Cross). Great to see them getting something in return.

I'd like to follow on from yesterday's Harumble for Radio 4 with a Harumble for BBC Radio in General. We are not big telly people but even without that our license fee is worth every penny. Last night on Radio 4 we had a fairly decent Comedy show with Marcus Brigstock at half six plus shows on the feasibilty of Hydrogen powered cars and then a debate about the history of miracles throughout the last 200 years. This morning we had a brilliant think tank about the US economic situation on 5Live featuring Richard D North, Alistair Milne and Sarah Churchwell. All sounds rather high-brow but it was pitched just right for fairly middling intellects like me.

Tonight Sport on 5 comes from Liverpool ahead of tomorrow's derby. Not looking good for The People's Club. We are just incapable of keeping a clean sheet. Most of the blues I know are fairly fearful but you never know.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harumble for BBC Radio 4

Radio4's comedies come and go and at the moment we are waving a fond goodbye to Bleak Expectation and Mark Watson makes the World Substanitally Better. They were both brilliant. Hut 33 is good whilst the jury is still out on The Castle.

The 6:30pm slot on BBC Radio 4 is absolutely superb...I don't know what I'd do without it.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SuperLambanana donated to Liverpool museum

Well done to Phil Redmond for donating his SuperLambanana to Liverpool's World Museum.

Phil Redmond donates SuperLambanana to museum.

The most popular superlambanana at an auction of the iconic sculptures has been donated to a Liverpool museum by one of the city's most famous sons.

Phil Redmond, creator of Brookside, Grange Hill and Hollyoaks, bought Mandy Mandala at a recent charity auction of 170 superlambananas for £25,000.

Now the creative director of Capital of Culture events, Mr Redmond has handed her to World Museum Liverpool. Mandy will move to the Museum of Liverpool when it opens in 2010/11.

Mr Redmond bought three of the sculptures with the intention of donating them to museums in the city.

Mandy was designed by artists Patricia Lee with the communities of Granby, Dingle and Toxteth. Her patterns are based on a mandala - a symbol of peace, hope and unity.

David Fleming, director of National Museums Liverpool, said: "National Museums Liverpool was determined to acquire at least one superlambanana at the charity auction for our collections.

"We didn't want to see all of them disappear from public view into private hands after all the excitement they generated during 2008.

"Imagine our dismay when the bidding for Mandy went beyond our reach, and imagine our delight when Phil and Alexis Redmond stepped in and ensured that Mandy was bought on our behalf! Now Mandy is owned by the people of Liverpool.

"I am sure she will bring delight to museum visitors for generations to come, as a reminder of the invasion of our streets by these extraordinary creatures."

We do love those SuperLambs don't we. They are even talking about it becoming the new symbol of the city.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

West Ham are cheats and have got away with murder

West Ham ponder tribunal ruling

I am very pleased for Sheffield United but basically the FA are shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

At every stage West Ham have been found guilty and at every stage the authorities have bottled it. They have gotten away with murder and the only conclusion you can draw is that it's because they had just got a big money backer OR it's a London friends-in-high-places thing.....or something more murky.

Whatever happens I still feels immensely sorry for the Blades fans.

Cains' former owners buy it back

BBC NEWS | England | Merseyside | Cains' former owners buy it back: "The former owners of Cains brewery in Liverpool have bought it back, securing 90 jobs.

Brothers Sudarghara and Ajmail Dusanj finalised the deal, which includes nine Cains Beer Company pubs, administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) said.

The 158-year-old brewery went into administration in August.

A spokesman for Cains said: 'They (the Dusanj brothers) are focused on getting back into the driving seat of the brewery.'

'They are working closely with the team there and are focused on building the Cains business in the coming weeks and months,' he said.

'The good news is that the jobs have been secured and the future of brewing on Merseyside is also secure.'"

Glad to hear that...the Dusanjs have worked wonders at that place. It was a shame they just over-reached themsleves at the wrong moment.

Raise a glass to Liverpool's beer.

Chris O'Callaghan leaves Waterloo

Chris O'Callaghan leave Waterloo.

HEAD coach Chris O’Callaghan has resigned from Waterloo following three successive defeats have left them at the bottom of National Two.

O’Callaghan joined the club just before the start of last season following relegation from National One.

“Chris has left the club by mutual agreement,” said chairman Simon Robb. “There is no animosity in his departure at all and I would like to take this opportunity in thanking him for all the work he has put in.”

O’Callaghan said: “There is certainly no animosity,” he said. “I told the club at the end of last season what finance they needed to sustain the present level of rugby but unfortunately they were unable to meet that.”

Not looking good at Blundellsands at the moment 3 games 3 defeats and 4 going down out of our division.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hull 2-2 Everton

What on earth has happened to Everton's defence? It's crazy. We are shipping 2 goals a game every time we play. You've got to admire the spirit in the camp but really, what is happening? We've got the Carling Cup this week, the derby and then our UEFA Cup 2nd leg...if we aren't careful our season is over before it's begun.

What's bizare is that going forward we are superb.


Pretty dissapointed about the Ryder Cup but ultimately I suppose they were due a win.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Loved this from the BBC website's Ryder Cup coverage :

"The European fans are in good voice on the 1st tee, singing such classics as 'Walking in a Faldo wonderland' and 'Where's your Tiger gone?'. The US can only reply with 'USA, USA'." Read the full report on the 1st tee Ryder Cup banter here

Now I know earlier I alluded that the Ryder Cup is a the only time Golf is interesting but this Guardian article on Maurice Flitcroft gives lie to that

The 37th Ryder Cup starts today in Kentucky, and last week, as the world's top golfers made their final preparations, the personal effects of one of the game's most singular talents were briefly on display in Carlisle. At Home With the Flitcrofts told the surreal life story of the late Maurice Flitcroft, self-styled "Golfer Extraordinary", and while it is a shame that the show passed completely under the radar before it closed, this somehow seems apt. For Maurice was the golfer who went undetected by officials at the 1976 Open championship, competing in golf's grandest tournament despite never having played a round in his life.

Maurice became headline news that day, carding a round of 121, the worst in Open history. His story didn't end there. For the next 14 years, he would engage in a farcical game of cat-and-mouse with Keith Mackenzie, secretary of the R&A, golf's governing body, and a man whose constitution appears to have been 10% flesh, 10% blood and 80% rulebook. The humourless Mackenzie felt humiliated by Flitcroft's antics in 1976 and banned him sine die - so Maurice simply entered again and again, employing ludicrous pseudonyms such as Gerald Hoppy, James Beau Jolly, Count Manfred von Hofmannstal and Gene Paychecki. Usually the denouement would feature Flitcroft being chased from the course, but by the time that happened the battle had already been won.

Flitcroft's tale would be amazing as it stands, yet At Home With the Flitcrofts somehow managed to embellish it further by covering the antics of his twin sons, Gene van Flitcroft and James Harlequin Flitcroft, whose scrapes include caddying for Lee Trevino, winning the 1984 World Disco Dancing championship, and becoming proud recipients of the UK's first-ever anti-social behaviour injunction. For swordfighting. Each other. Whatever unfolds at Valhalla this weekend, it will have nothing on this.

high 5

Just read a good post on The People's Forum. Segundo Castillo scored a bleter last night and then as he ran off to celebrate he appears to high-5 the ref. Tremendous if he really did do that!

deal or no deal

Well it would seem that Moyes has not yet signed a new deal which is a bit silly of the BBC to report that it was a done deal. I know he will sign and I can understand why he hasn't signed yet but let's just get it done.

Anyway in 4 hours from now golf becomes interesting as The Ryder Cup gets underway! Wohoo!

It's in America this time so expect shouts of "Get in the hole" at the tee of a par 5 and random shouts of "U-S-A" and "That's what I'm talking about". Part of me wouldn't be upset if the yanks won this one, part of me remembers Kiowa Island.

Moyes 'agrees £17m Everton deal'

Moyes agrees £17m Everton deal
"Everton boss David Moyes has agreed a new five-year contract with the Merseyside club worth over £17m, BBC Sport understands.

The 45-year-old Moyes, who joined Everton as manager in 2002, confirmed in July that he had opened talks on a new deal with chairman Bill Kenwright"

17m...that's pretty impressive. Can't begrudge him a penny of it. God bless the ginger one.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

down but not out

Everton 2 - 2 Standard Liege

Hmm, what do Everton do to deserve drawing such tough oponents. Seriously : Villareal, Dinamo Bucharest, Metalist Kharkiv and now Standard Liege.

We are looking seriously ropey at the back but good going forward....I am the most pessimistic, glass-half-empty of Evertonians but it has to be said we were the better side tonight. We just went to sleep twice and got punish by a very efficient Liege side. Aside from that though we looked good. There is little doubt who the Belgians will think is the strongest team on Merseyside.

We are behind on away goals now so we have it all to do in the away leg but at least we are still in the tie.

Great goal from tree-trunked legged Segundo "Do the basics" Castillo...hope Anichebe is okay.

Quite liked their fans until just before the end. Noisy, bolshy bunch....pity about the colour scheme. You do, however, have to wonder about fans who will hold up scarves of a team who just utterly 100% robbed you of a place in the Champions League in order to annoy fans of your next opponent. They had a penalty claim waved away and they seemed to go nuts, throwing stuff onto the pitch and into the Park End. No need for it at all because until then it was good natured stuff going to and fro. Hope it's noted that is was the Liege fans that caused all the unpleasantness.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great India photo album at National Geographic

This photo album took me back to our time traipsing round India a few years back :

National Geographic : Indian photo album

There's also a cool video here too :

hNational Geographic Video of India

I both loved and hated my time in India...but ultimately I'd go back there tomorrow given the chance. It's definitely the best place to travel. Yeah, it's a hassle but it's so much fun and just so interesting.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Everton win 3 - phew

Awful pun there, apologies.

Stoke 2 - 3 Everton

Well it, that could have been a pretty disasterous day for Everton. As it turned out it could scarcely have turned out better. Playing Stoke at the Britannia we raced out to a two goal lead playing pretty well. Segundo Castillo and Marouane Fellaini both made debuts in central midfield and dropped Anichebe back to play out wide...the most important addition was Timmy Cahill. The man is a legend.

With that line-up the team has a natural balance and poise that it just didn't have with other none-midfielders shoe-horned in there, it also frees up the rest of our squad to play in their more natural positions. Of the debutants Castillo impressed people more, he just did the basics of winning the ball and calmly distributing it. Sounds simple but every team needs one. Yakubu put us a head with one of those ridiculously simple goals that only he seemsto be able to score. Anichebe doubled our lead with a simple, glancing free-header. Interesting how Yak just stood there knowingly after he'd scored his goal and yet joyously mobbed young Victor after he'd scored his.

Anyway from there Everton got suckered by two Delap long throws...It's a pretty potent weapon but it's hardly earth-shattering but it caused chaos in our box and two goals cam from it. It's a worry how many we are conceding at the moment. We have always looked solid at the back but I suppose Lescott, Yobo & Jagielka haven't become bad players overnight, I just hope they get it together soon. So at 2-2 Everton could have gone to pieces. Both teams had cause to berate the ref. Stoke had a goal dissallowed after a tackle from behind robbed Yobo of the ball and we had a quite ludicrous decision go against us where the ref actually awarded us a penalty (rightly) and then changed his mind deciding somehow the offense had taken place 5 yards away outside the box. Pathetic. For arguing against this Moyes was sent to sit amongst the Stoke fans.

Anyway we need not have worried 'cause late on Tim Cahill just did what Time Cahill does....pops up in the box and scores when we need it most. God bless him. Great player and a great Evertonian. Moyes was seen to politely shake hands with the Stoke fans around him before marching over to the travelling bluenoses and celebrating with them....and that was that. It has lifted the gloom around the place a lot. The forthcoming game against Standard Liege will still be ridiculously tough but at least we should have shaken off our depression.

Friday, September 12, 2008

St Domingo one, Everton Church club association nil.

Noticed this over on ToffeeWeb. The only known match report for Everton under their original name of St Domingo. It seems we played on the 20th of October 1879 at Stanley Park and won one nil. Come on you blues!

St Domingo 1, Everton Church Club (Association) 0.

This match was played at the ground of the former, at Stanley park, on Saturday last, and after a closely contested game victory rested with the St. Domingo by one goal to nil."

Great to hear little gems of Everton's history get unearthed after all this time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Superlambananas sold at auction for over 500k

Superlambananas sold at auction: "About £550,000 has been raised from the auction of 70 of Liverpool's superlambananas at St George's Hall.

Three of them were sold for more than £20,000 and 12 went for more than £10,000 each.

A large proportion of the money - about £400,000 - is going to the Lord Mayor's charities. It is the most money ever raised by a mayor in the UK."

Farewell to the SuperLambs it seems. We all loved them to bits and their legacy is half a million quid to charity. Superb. Hats off to everyone involved

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guinness Premiership highlights on ITV4

ITV to air Guinness Premiership English club rugby highlights | Media | guardian.co.uk: "ITV has secured the rights to show highlights of the Guinness Premiership English club rugby union matches this season in a new show to be presented by Craig Doyle on ITV4.

The broadcaster has signed the deal with Premier Rugby for the new season, which starts September 6, taking over from the BBC, which previously aired domestic club rugby highlights in Rugby Special.

ITV, which has held the rights to the Rugby World Cup since 1991, has committed to launching a new hour-long weekly show that will air on Sunday nights at 6.30pm - around the time Rugby Special used to be broadcast.

The show, which will be repeated on ITV1 on Tuesday nights, will cover each of the 22 rounds of the regular Guinness Premiership season, as well as two extra shows covering the semi-final and final matches."

This is a welcome addition to the freeview schedules. There's long been a gap for a potention Match of the Day for rugby. ITV are generally cack at sport but beggars can't be choosers.

Anyway there first show was pretty enjoyable.

Much more enjoyable than Waterloo's outing against Blaydon at the weekend. It was tough going from start to finish. Pretty ropey beginning for the entire team. Blaydon looked pretty impressive but Waterloo looked pretty short on sharpness. Hope things improve because the rugby is always good fun but you still don't want to see the ladss getting slapped round the park.

Croatia 1-4 England. Wow!

Croatia 1-4 England

Ingurland, IN-GUR-LAND!

So long since I felt like singing that. :) :) :)

Didn't see that coming at all...England really turned it on for once. The balance of the midfield looked spot on. It just goes to show how much better we are when we aren't trying to fit big name square pegs into round holes.

Hats off to England. Superb performance. Well done to Theo and Rooney too...great stuff.

Ingurland, Ingurland

La Machine : La Princesse videos

Last one, I promise. I've decided to put the videos I took onto Youtube so here they are :

La Princesse makes her way along Church Street, Liverpool

On Church Street again, getting closer.

La Princesse steps over the crowd

La Princesse makes her way to her destination

La Machine : The finale in front of the Mersey Tunnel

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Aussie Minister Kate Ellis pays up on her Olympic bet.

For us Brits there's nothing quite like getting on over on the Aussies when it comes to sport. They are just too good at it all so when the occasion comes round that we do end up looking down on them it's good to milk it for all it's worth. The 2005 Ashes may have been eclipsed by the debacle in Australia that followed but that doesn't change the fact that for those fleeting 12 months we had the one up on them. The 2003 and, perhaps even sweeter, 2007 world cup was an awesome victories should not be forgotten too.

Latest in our all too infrequent sporting triumphs is the Olympics when we finished a fair bit above them in the medal table. Sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe had a bet running with his Australian countpart Kate Ellis. As her forfeit Kate had to wear a Team GB tracksuit at a recent visit to the 2008 Paralympics.

Kate, it has to be said took it all in good fun saying "It's great that there's a healthy rivalry between our two nations and I congratulate Great Britain on their success at the Olympics,I'll eat a little humble pie along with the Australian team and we'll work a little harder for our future success."

This is not atypical...Oddly enough for a nation that gets so little practice at it the Aussies always strike me as good losers. They always seem to be awful winners however. It's odd how a nation we all like so much can annoy us so much in the sporting arena.

Monday, September 08, 2008

La Machine's La Princesse. Review of the Liverpool Spider

Awseome is such an over-used word but in this canse it's the only one that fits. Hats off to everyone involved with La Machine. It was truly amazing and as far as I could see everyone absolutely fell in love with it.

I stood for hours on Church Street, I sat for hours outside Liverpool Museum, it was worth every second when you first see that long leg extending out in front of the spider.

The finale in front of the Mersey tunnel with the flames, water and fireworks salvo was just astounding. Kids, both little kids and big kids alike, were just mesmerised. I don't want to bang on about too much but it was something that deserve lauding for it's scale and ambition...and for the way they were determined to keep the whole spectacle right in amongst the people.

Cap doffed, viva la Princesse.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Update from right underneath La Princesse

BBC NEWS | England | Merseyside | Giant spider stalks city streets

"Liverpool city centre was brought to a standstill as thousands of visitors turned out to catch a glimpse of La Princesse, the 50ft (15m) spider.

Crowds packed the streets to follow the mechanical beast on its walkabout from the Cunard building through the city.

And although the rain eased for part of the day, onlookers were still soaked by huge jets of water from her abdomen.

The £1.5m Capital of Culture event, operated by French company La Machine, was continuing on Sunday.

La Machine's 37-tonne beast has generated headlines around the world, and culture bosses say they have been delighted with her impact. "

Let me tell you it's every bit as spectacular as they say. It's awesome. I was on Church Street and it basically stepped right over me. Astounding stuff. Hats off to everyone involved.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Right it now seems that Kevin Keegan HAS gone...it's just whether he was sacked, walked out or was forced out.

Crazy times up there.

When Keegan came back it delighted the Newcastle fans and bemused the rest of us but this time I think we can all agree that Mike Ashley is pretty much public enemy number one.

Reports put David Moyes as one of their main targets which is mildly worrying but I think after Bill Kenwright conjoured up another record signing I think that'll probably be enough to see that he'll stick with The People's Club.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

La Machine, Liverpool : Full Schedule

This looks ace :

Wednesday 3rd September
Dawn The creature appears suspended on the side of Concourse Tower.
10.00h A Research Base is set up at the Echo Arena at the ACC (Kings Dock).
16.00h Scientists arrive at Concourse Tower to set up searchlights to light the creature.
20.30h Scientists switch on searchlights, which stay lit overnight.

Thursday 4th September
11.30h The creature is craned off Concourse Tower.
12.30h The convoy carries the creature and sets off for the Research base at ACC.
13.00h The convoy arrives at the Research Base.

Friday 5th September
11.30h The scientists perform experiments on the creature using different special
effects to see how it responds to different stimuli. The creature wakes up and
is prevented from running away by a wall of Chinese firecrackers and by a
fire effect. Eventually the creature is sent to sleep by a snow machine.
18.00h The creature wakes and parades to Salthouse Dock.
19.30h The creature arrives at the Dock and takes abath, accompanied by live music.
The creature sets off for Cunard Building and at around
21:00h the creature arrives at Cunard Building. It begins to snow gently and she falls asleep.

Saturday 6th September
11.30h The creature wakes up in the middle of a magical snowscape, and is
serenaded with music.
12.30h The creature goes to sleep again.
14.45h The creature leaves Cunard Building and walks up Water Street.
15.30h The creature arrives at Town Hall – smoke effect.
15.40h The creature walks towards Derby Square along Castle Street.
16.00h Water ballet at Derby Square (Waterproof clothing highly recommended).
16.15h The creature walks down Lord Street to Holy Corner where it is snowing.
17.00h The creature sleeps.
18.30h The creature wakes and walks down Parker Street, serenaded on the way.
20.00h A tempest rages at Ranelagh Place.
20.30h The creature arrives at Concourse Tower, climbs up the tower and goes to sleep.

Sunday 7th September
15.00h The creature wakes up and is prepared for the evening’s entertainment.
16.00h The creature goes back to sleep.
19.30h Cherry-pickers and musicians arrive.
20.00h The creature is removed from the tower with a crane.
20.30h The convoy leaves the tower and parades to Queensway Tunnel entrance.
21.15h The creature tries to escape, but is prevented from doing so by the special
effect machines.
21.30h Finale at Queensway Tunnel.

Waterloo news

Martin O'Keefe will be fit soon and Freeman Payne and Jan van deVenter are back at the club

Great to have these three back...Looking forward to Saturday even more now.

La Machine lands in Liverpool

It's here. La Machine made it's bow and apparently it's just as spectacular as they'd promise.

It won't be to everyone's tastes though....giant spiders tend to give people the creeps.

La Machine

La Machine terrorises Liverpool


It now seems that Kevin Keegan has been unsacked.....pretty good going Mr K. This meant that after breaking the news to my mate Carmel I then had to unbreak it later on. What a fascinating little circus that place is.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gabbo....er I mean Google Chrome is coming

Google is about to launch it's own web browser, Chrome. Should we be excited? Yeah why not...just jump head first into the raging hype torrent. It looks like they've took a leaf out of Cuil's book. Just announce yourself loudly and let the image fly over the content.

If Google do it then let's face it it's bound to be good but why not just release it instead of keeping us waiting?

In other news Kevin Keegan has been sacked by Newcastle....the day after transfer deadline day. Outstanding stuff by Mike "I can neck a pint" Ashley, almost as good as bringing in Dennis Wise A: Get paid loads, B: Do not a heck of a lot and C: Totally undermine Keegan. Genius.

Sky Sports News advice

EXCLUSIVE : DO NOT WATCH SKY SPORTS NEWS FOR 4 HOURS SOLID BEFORE GOING TO BED. Stuart Brandwood confirms "You will not get any sleep whatsoever". Reporter in Liverpool reports no sleep for 7 hours. Scrolling ticker going through head all night.

After all that it seems Everton pulled a rabbit out of the hat by bringing in a new record signing in Belgian midfielder Marouane Fellaini. On the surface of it that exactly what we need and there is massive relief about strengthening an area that was in desperate need of a replacement for Lee Carsley. Not sure why we left it so late but I'm glad we've sorted it. I am just left wondering where all the money has come from.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Curiosity grows for La Machine

Seem to be getting a lot of traffic hitting this site looking for info about La Machine which hits Liverpool this coming weekend. Here are the top 25 La Machine related keywords so far :

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They are still playing it very close to their chests. As far as I can tell it'll start around the entrance to the old tunnel on Friday. Can't wait.