Monday, September 08, 2008

La Machine's La Princesse. Review of the Liverpool Spider

Awseome is such an over-used word but in this canse it's the only one that fits. Hats off to everyone involved with La Machine. It was truly amazing and as far as I could see everyone absolutely fell in love with it.

I stood for hours on Church Street, I sat for hours outside Liverpool Museum, it was worth every second when you first see that long leg extending out in front of the spider.

The finale in front of the Mersey tunnel with the flames, water and fireworks salvo was just astounding. Kids, both little kids and big kids alike, were just mesmerised. I don't want to bang on about too much but it was something that deserve lauding for it's scale and ambition...and for the way they were determined to keep the whole spectacle right in amongst the people.

Cap doffed, viva la Princesse.

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