Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guinness Premiership highlights on ITV4

ITV to air Guinness Premiership English club rugby highlights | Media | "ITV has secured the rights to show highlights of the Guinness Premiership English club rugby union matches this season in a new show to be presented by Craig Doyle on ITV4.

The broadcaster has signed the deal with Premier Rugby for the new season, which starts September 6, taking over from the BBC, which previously aired domestic club rugby highlights in Rugby Special.

ITV, which has held the rights to the Rugby World Cup since 1991, has committed to launching a new hour-long weekly show that will air on Sunday nights at 6.30pm - around the time Rugby Special used to be broadcast.

The show, which will be repeated on ITV1 on Tuesday nights, will cover each of the 22 rounds of the regular Guinness Premiership season, as well as two extra shows covering the semi-final and final matches."

This is a welcome addition to the freeview schedules. There's long been a gap for a potention Match of the Day for rugby. ITV are generally cack at sport but beggars can't be choosers.

Anyway there first show was pretty enjoyable.

Much more enjoyable than Waterloo's outing against Blaydon at the weekend. It was tough going from start to finish. Pretty ropey beginning for the entire team. Blaydon looked pretty impressive but Waterloo looked pretty short on sharpness. Hope things improve because the rugby is always good fun but you still don't want to see the ladss getting slapped round the park.

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