Friday, September 26, 2008

The bit of Britain near me in bloom

Well done to the good folk of Woolton for winning gold in the Britain in Bloom awards.

Because we are (infrequent) regulars at The Victoria on Quarry Street in Woolton we walk through it fairly often and it's so obvious how much the appearance of the place is a labour of love to it's residents (This year the floralness even seems to have spilt over to dear old Hunts Cross). Great to see them getting something in return.

I'd like to follow on from yesterday's Harumble for Radio 4 with a Harumble for BBC Radio in General. We are not big telly people but even without that our license fee is worth every penny. Last night on Radio 4 we had a fairly decent Comedy show with Marcus Brigstock at half six plus shows on the feasibilty of Hydrogen powered cars and then a debate about the history of miracles throughout the last 200 years. This morning we had a brilliant think tank about the US economic situation on 5Live featuring Richard D North, Alistair Milne and Sarah Churchwell. All sounds rather high-brow but it was pitched just right for fairly middling intellects like me.

Tonight Sport on 5 comes from Liverpool ahead of tomorrow's derby. Not looking good for The People's Club. We are just incapable of keeping a clean sheet. Most of the blues I know are fairly fearful but you never know.

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