Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SuperLambanana donated to Liverpool museum

Well done to Phil Redmond for donating his SuperLambanana to Liverpool's World Museum.

Phil Redmond donates SuperLambanana to museum.

The most popular superlambanana at an auction of the iconic sculptures has been donated to a Liverpool museum by one of the city's most famous sons.

Phil Redmond, creator of Brookside, Grange Hill and Hollyoaks, bought Mandy Mandala at a recent charity auction of 170 superlambananas for £25,000.

Now the creative director of Capital of Culture events, Mr Redmond has handed her to World Museum Liverpool. Mandy will move to the Museum of Liverpool when it opens in 2010/11.

Mr Redmond bought three of the sculptures with the intention of donating them to museums in the city.

Mandy was designed by artists Patricia Lee with the communities of Granby, Dingle and Toxteth. Her patterns are based on a mandala - a symbol of peace, hope and unity.

David Fleming, director of National Museums Liverpool, said: "National Museums Liverpool was determined to acquire at least one superlambanana at the charity auction for our collections.

"We didn't want to see all of them disappear from public view into private hands after all the excitement they generated during 2008.

"Imagine our dismay when the bidding for Mandy went beyond our reach, and imagine our delight when Phil and Alexis Redmond stepped in and ensured that Mandy was bought on our behalf! Now Mandy is owned by the people of Liverpool.

"I am sure she will bring delight to museum visitors for generations to come, as a reminder of the invasion of our streets by these extraordinary creatures."

We do love those SuperLambs don't we. They are even talking about it becoming the new symbol of the city.

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