Friday, September 29, 2006

BBC SPORT | Hair 'guessed' at ball-tampering

BBC SPORT | Hair 'guessed' at ball-tampering: "Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Hughes said when he examined the ball it was in 'pretty good condition'.

He added: 'There were a number of small abrasions on the rough side, fairly typical of normal wear and tear on a deteriorating Test pitch.

'The only thing that looked slightly suspicious was a number of slightly curved striations concentrated on one area.

'I concluded that those could have been man-made scratches but there was no way I could be sure. There was no hard evidence of ball-tampering.'"

Sounds like Hair's been hung out to dry on that one.

Oh poo!

Leicester Tigers : Varndell set to play for Bedford

He's like greased lightning! Whilst it'll be nice to see an England international there if he's on form it could be painful. Hope our boys are on their game on the 7th otherwise it could be a route.

BBC SPORT | Tigers loan Varndell to Bedford

"Varndell will be available to make his debut for the Blues when Exeter visit Goldington Road on Saturday.

They have further league matches against Waterloo and Leeds before Varndell returns to Leicester for the start of their Heineken Cup campaign against Munster on 22 October."

Jan 'J-Lo' Van Deventer will have his work cut out but he is a superb player...Keep those fingers crossed.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

BlogScope: analyze blogosphere

BlogScope: analyze blogosphere

Good little blog search tool I found.

I like this too...although I'm nowhere near finishing.

M&Ms movie quiz game

BBC - Liverpool - Features - Woolton Wins Bloom Award

Congrats to Woolton, next suburb along from Hunts Cross and home of our fave pub The Victoria, who've just won a Britain in Bloom Silver Gilt award. It's a nice old place with some lovely parks and you always get the feeling it is trying to make the most of itself.

Woolton Mansion Walk

Wow a whole post with no mention of sport.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


UK Horse Racing Forum

It seems my spoof Bascombe article was actually fairly believable

Stryker [101550. Posted 19-Sep-2006 Tue 12:34]
Having avoided any reaction to the name calling of my football team on here recently from a certain quarter, I thought people might be interested in this article from the Liverpool Echo:

Headline: Entire population of Earth lines the streets of Merseyside as Rafa`s heroes create chances.

It`s a feat that`s rightly being heralded as the greatest achievement not only in the history of football but in the history of humankind itself........


Some dudes in Sweden found it funny anyway :

Swedish Chelsea Forum

Swedish Chelsea article

And it's been used on some red forum

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Golden Vision - Google Video

The Golden Vision - Google Video

Many, many thanks to Sir Colm Kavanagh for uploading this little Evertonian gem from 1968.

My main gripe this week is Glen Roeder, his team had played well in the 1-1 draw against the blues and you could argue they deserved to win but their goal was clearly offside and he went on MotD saying he deserved credit for doing his homework 'cause he thought that Everton would try and play offside and so he told his players to stay in. So he's trying to claim managerial kudos for coming up with tactics that would only work if the linesman made a blunder. Superb stuff! A good arguement for why managers need their coaching badges methinks.

We equalised before half time with a trademark Tim Cahill header from a superb Arteta cross meaning we stay forth. COYB! The offside rule was in evidence at the weekend. Gerrard ran offside and the fullback went with him, the ball never went to him but the sapce created by the defender tracking back meant Kuyt's run behind the central defence wasn't offside...a tricky one but technically legal under the new offside rule, what can the refs do (it didn't effect the outcome of the game). Then in the Wigan/Watford game a defender made an aerial challenge and just won the ball however the header dropped behind his own defence to a man standing miles offside, 'cause it wasn't an attacker hadn't touched the ball...well spotted linesman. Our game was farcical though, the ball dropped to Ameobi, he was miles off and he knew it...he actually looked at the linesman in disbelief before shooting...ridiculous. For Roeder to stand there with a look of smug gormlessness and try and take credit for it 'cause he knew we played an offside trap but didn't coach his players well enough to avoid it was particuarly galling.

BBC Report

Onto Golf...

...The Ryder Cup stays in Europe for another two years. I'd like to go on about the drama and excitment but ultimately that didn't happen. Quite simply Europe put the U!S!A! to the sword. If it wasn't for some gobshite running on the 18th green just before JJ Henry was about to putt (thus meaning that McGinley did the decent thing and conceded the hole to halve the match) it would have been a record victory for the Europeans. The main focus was Darren Clarke playing in Ireland just weeks after losing his wife to cancer. It was all about him, his team-mates, the Americans and the superb, superb crowd all gave him the kudos and affection he deserved.

The spirit the competition was played was second to none...I assume the Yanks will be utterly determined to win it back next time but I think we can finally forget about Brookline.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

sports report

So it's the weekend...what do me and Anne do? Sport of course!

The Ryder Cup set a nice little backdrop to the day with Europe setting themselves up really well for tomorrow's all important singles. If the likes of Garcia, Monty and Clarke are on the losing side tomorrow it'd be such a shame. Also it'd be nice for those U!S!A! types to leave Ireland empty handed.

We'd rushed through town trying to buy my mum a birthday present (She's impossible to buy for let me tell you) then got ourselves to town in plenty of time for Waterloo V London Welsh. Special mentions go to Anne as she's been struggling with a really bad cough all week but she hates missing the match. Especially as this was our mate Mary's birthday drinking session. It turned out to be a frustrating affair. Waterloo (resplendant in their fetching new white kit) played quite well in the first half, we probe in attack, kept hold of the ball reasonably well and defended strongly when the the pressure came. We certainly didn't outclass Welsh by any means but 6-13 down felt harsh. In particular their pack galled us with annoying calls of "No penalties ref, no penalties" as they engaged the scrum. What exactly does that mean?

The second half was spent in defence until the last 15 minutes...Waterloo all of a sudden turned it on and Welsh really looked rattled, offsides & hands in the ruck seemed to be happening left, right and centre. Eventually the ref gave a penalty try but by then it was already passed 80 mins. This put 'loo well and truly on the front foot but immediately from the restart van Deventer had his head taken off by a high-tackle and although they gave it a decent go the chance had gone. 18-23, a losing bonus point seemed scant reward against a team they will have felt they should have beat. It's going to be like that this season, but we've got to stick by them. It's hard to take 'cause we do love that club.

Echo match report

Home a wee bit miserable but bouyed by the fact we'd found some Little Creatures Pale Ale in's a lovely beer from Fremantle, Western Australia which we'd first sampled whilst visiting my Uncle Rod, Auntie Marg and their family out in Perth. The beeb came up trumps for us with BBC2 showing Casey's historic hole-in-one just as MotD started showing the footy highlights on BBC1. It's a simple life but pretty enjoyable.

Friday, September 22, 2006

And they're off

Live Scorecard

3 days of intensely interesting golf...who'd of thought it.

Competing as Europe is kind of odd too.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

YouTube - 9 months of gestation in 20 seconds - New Version!

YouTube - 9 months of gestation in 20 seconds - New Version!

Great vid...enough to make you broody :

Plus highlights of Posh V Everton

YouTube is one of the best sites on the net it really is.

Waterloo could really do with a win at the weekend against London Welsh, it's an eight pointer by the sounds of things but we've got some pretty big injury worries. Fingers crossed. Everton's game this weekend sees us up at Newcastle, it'll be an interesting one...if we beat them it really does set a tone, the way we've started they are the sort of team we should be looking at staying above. They have a much stronger squad but our first team is pretty good.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Panorama | Agents claim manager was bribed

BBC Panorama | Agents claim manager was bribed

*watch it here*

This show was meant to rock football to it's very foundation but really it was just a load of wannabes throwing round wild claims in order to make it look like they were faces. There was an element of bears-shitting-in-the-woods about Allardyce and Redknapp but ultimately it'll just be more smoke for the no smoke without fire rumour mill you always hear of. Big Sam's son has made it uncomfortable for him and his Dad but ultimately there's no smoking gun despite all the claims. Chelsea and liverpool both got nabbed tapping up some 'boro youngster but that was about it.

On the pitch Everton took on Peterboro last night in the league cup. An important game for me and Anne given that we've got some very good mates who are Posh fans. They gave us a bit of a scare but we scraped passed them 2-1. Anichebe had a good run out alongside Beattie...that's an interesting one. Having someone pushing for Beattie's place is a good thing. Keep him on his toes.

BBC Match Report

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Liverpool Echo - Chelsea 1, Liverpool 0

icLiverpool - Chelsea 1, Liverpool 0 (Echo)

Good would seem I underplayed my satire of the Echo's liverpool reporter.

"For the second consecutive weekend, the scenes at full-time were more reminiscent of cup final victory parade than an early season Premiership meeting.This is a measure of how much it means to defeat this Liverpool team"

Can you believe his editor is allowing him to get away with this drivel.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ryder Cup 2006 » The Official Site of the 36th Ryder Cup Matches » Team Europe

Ryder Cup 2006 » The Official Site of the 36th Ryder Cup Matches » Team Europe

It's Ryder Cup time again...Europe going for three straight. It's just about the only time that golf is interesting.

Also I'm working out what I'll be doing for my birthday...conveniently there is a Waterloo game on the following weekend

Entire population of Earth lines the streets of Merseyside as Rafa's heroes create chances - Chris Bascombe (aged 14 and three quarters).

Just in case our favourite LFC "journalist" is feeling too depressed after yesterday I've ghost written his column for of charge!

Entire population of Earth lines the streets of Merseyside as Rafa's heroes create chances - Chris Bascombe (aged 14 and three quarters).

It's a feat that's rightly being heralded as the greatest acheivment not only in the history of football but in the history of humankind itself.

Hapless, cynical Chelsea were limited to just one goal by the brave liverpool defense and surely now the lost opportunity to increase their goal difference will be a crushing blow to their attempt to buy the Premiership title once again.

How those Chelsea players love to emulate liverpool's skill and courage. Brave £120,000-a-week captain Stevie Gerrard and his band of big money foreign and domestic signings stood up to Abramovich's mercenaries and actually created chances. Time and again liverpool hoped for a penalty or brilliantly hit shots just off target. Faced with this onslaught The Pensioners, clearly rattled, could only respond with a single Didier Drogba goal. The nerves were etched on the face of players like Frank Lampard and John Terry and their minds were clearly plagued by thoughts of that historic night in Istanbul. This result surely vindicates Raffa's brave and innovative policy of resting key players in the build up to this crunch match between the supposed champions and the high flying 15th placed Anfield club.

Whilst embittered Evertonians danced for joy after winning their 'cup final' last week Benitez was already plotting the slight decline in Chelsea's goal scoring rates. Indeed, so deep is Mourinho's obsession with beating the mighty reds that Benitez decided to base all his recent selection policies on keeping his first-team fresh in the lead up to the crunch, grudge match.

It's a result that's sure to delight to liverpool faithful and further stoke the inexplicable, none-jealousy based dislike of the classless, cheating money-obessed Londoners. As one liverpool fan stated yesterday "The whole footballing world was behind the red's crusade to single handedly save football from the grasps of these none-g14 big spenders".

In other news the council have been unable to trace the source of a grinding, oscillating sound heard at the cemetary where Bill Shankly's remains are buried.

Apologies to The Liverpool Echo.

Back down to earth

Everton 2-2 Wigan

The game was a bit frustrating at the weekend. It's not often you can say it but Everton really should have been out of sight. Instead both times we took the league we were immediately pegged back through defensive sloppiness.

The first half had been quiet apart from a chance a-piece and an incident where Cahill seemed to get pushed and slapped by de Zeuw and Kirkland and yet stay on the pitch. Then in the second half Everton pushed forward with purpose and scored and forced two brilliant saves from Kirkland in about 3 minutes. Then Yobo calmly won the ball then scuffed a clearance straight to one of their players and bang they'd equalised from nothing. Carsley went off with an injury and Beattie came one. Minutes later Beats scored a penalty after Osman was taken out in the area only to be pegged back again this time a lack of midfielders tracking back cost us.

Annoying really 'cause a win would have really set our season up.

Elsewhere Waterloo got a hammering in Nottingham on Sunday and picked up a few injuries along the way.

Echo report

Also liverpool's squad rotation failed to bear fruit as they went down to Chelsea, their new none-jealousy based obsession. Arsenal nicked a win against Utd after a pretty good game with Lehman and Kuczack starring for their respective sides. Kuzcack gave away then saved a pen and made some great saves, Lehman made some great saves, handled outside the area but wasn't sent off (this is probably correct but when you think back to our keeper getting sent off against Blackburn last season it seems odd) and got all grumpy with O'Shea for no reason whatsoever at a corner. He's an angry, angry man.

On Friday we went to see the excellent Little Miss Sunshine at FACT.

Friday, September 15, 2006

BBC NEWS | Pope 'meant no offence' to Islam

Do you think that's quite wise Sir!

BBC NEWS | Pope 'meant no offence' to Islam

Erm........hmmm...........good job he's infallable I suppose.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

YouTube - Munster V Sale - Fields of Athenry

What WOULD we do without YouTube.

Coming down after the old post-derby high. Evertonians have been like pigs in shit over it and I've caught a fair few "It's like you've won the Champions League", "When's the open top bus tour" snipes, attempting sort of smug inverse-gloating.

I just wonder what our pontificating neighbours across the park thing the correct course of action is after you trounce your biggest rivals 3-0 and go top of the league?

Possibly something like this :

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Flintoff set for Ashes captaincy

Flintoff set for Ashes captaincy

A reminder this morning that the Ashes aren't too far away. The injuries are still piled up and it'll be a vastly different team that defends the trophy. No Jones, Vaughan or Giles. Harmison & Trescothick struggling. Flintoff just back from injury.

Ashes schedule

It'll be a toughie.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Not saying our section would be much different given the circumstances but they are the one always heaping plaudits on themselves. Not a peep from them on Saturday...I suppose they realised early on that their club had hung them out to dry.

Just coming down off my post-derby high...still laughing at that third goal. Lovely to see Reina give AJ a congratulatory hug!

The Champions League Final comment seems to have originated from Tim Cahill however Official Sites aren't meant to be so one eyed...they've got the Echo for that.

Merseyside Derby reports :



Echo - Johnson Happy to settle his debt

Echo match report I only posted that to demonstrate how stupidly biased the likes of Chris Bascombe and his Echo chums are. That's the actual Echo match report! The local paper published a match report that doesn't mention the word Everton once!

And here's the Waterloo one :

Waterloo 19 - 16 Cornish Pirates : Liverpool Echo

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Such a perfect day!

It doesn't really get much better than this...Saturday morning with a cup of tea in bed, then out to buy the papers and, seeing as it's derby day, enjoy a nice fry-up at The Metro just by Hunts Cross Station before heading to the game.

Early kick-offs are always weird, I think the excitment of being at our first game of the season covered up our nerves but even so Goodison on Derby Day is always special. A few unsavoury chants of Murderers from the Lower Glwadys but apart from that everything seemed to be happy-happy. Most Evertonians I'd spoke to predicted a win, I couldn't bring myself to be optimistic. Too many guttings in the past by that lot.

We started like a bullet from a gun, the first ten minutes saw loads of Everton pressure. Johnson was getting on the end of everything and should have scored but for a superb tackle from Carragher. Then liverpool woke up and toke control of the game for a 20 minute spell. All of a sudden, from nothing the ball squirted out into an oddly deserted liverpool penalty area and three blue shirts were bearing down on the ball. Cahill strokes it into the!?!?! 1-0!
We didn't really impose ourselves after that but neither did they really. Our G-14 opponents have a Champions League game this week so they'd started with Fowler and Crouch up-front. We were giving the big galoot too much respect. Tall he may be but he's not good in the air, once he's got it down to feet he's fairly decent. Fowler looked a spent force...not even a whimper from him. Bellamy wasn't even on the bench. Gerrard looked to be having a bad game, Alonso seemed happy to foul. Sissoko was, for me, their best player. The game huffed and puffed and then all of a sudden Johnson was bearing down on their really was that simple. Goodison went mental. The first goal had been a bit of a shock, this one heralded party-time. No you know my feelings on that Middlesboro song, it also double as Andy Johnson's song too...I had awful visions of the tannoy belting out the Pigbag song in order to help us celebrate. I needn't have worried. It was true, true joy : "Duh d'duh d'duh duh Andy Johnson!" We went into the break 2-0 up......and then the nerves kicked in. I doubt I'd have been nervous at 0-0 but having the victory in the palm of our hands against those sneaky, whily, jammy redshite is pretty precarious.

The second half was nervous too...Poll seemed to be getting more and more eccentric as the game went on including some truly unfathomable descisions againt both sides, Time ticked down...closer and closer. The Gwladys tempted fate by singing "top of the league" and "EASY!"...Benitez was doing a few odd, odd things. At 2-0 down he took off his striker (albeit the ineffectual Fowler) for a defender and Sissoko and Crouch (Their most dangerous players) off too. Moments after they'd made their 3rd substitution we broke and Riise made a cynical foul to stop the process he injured himself and so got stretchered off leaving 10 men. Even so they should have scored, Hibbert blocked a Kuyt cross with what looked like an arm, Gerrard should have was pretty heart-stopping...butthen just before the end a shot was lashed in Reina made a right balls up and Johnson headed it into the net. "Duh d'duh d'duh duh Andy Johnson!" The rednoses who, unusually, had not really bothered supporting their team all afternoon left in droves. Goodison was bouncing. As has been said before on here, there are few happier places than a singing, bouncing Glwadys Street as we all shuffle home. Mine and Anne's first game after our wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's Evertonians looking at the league table to see us top of the league.

We needed beer. Off to Waterloo...Our mate Mary Summers dropped us off at Blundellsands...'loo were 6-10 down at half time. Everyone seemed pretty chipper "Duh d'duh d'duh duh Andy Johnson!". The second half saw a performance from 'loo that rivalled the toffee's in terms of class, guts and skill.....Playing another professional outfit, Cornish Pirates (who'd finished ahead of last week's conquerors Plymouth), we took the game to them and ran outh deserved victors 19-16. My throat, by this point was destroyed. What a truly great, great day.

We headed off to town ("Duh d'duh d'duh duh Andy Johnson!"), had a greek meal, saw The DeLorean from Back To The Future (I shit you not) then headed home ("Duh d'duh d'duh duh Andy Johnson!" plus one bluenose who was convinced me & Anne should go home and concieve a child called Andy) for MotD and LNotP (Last night of the Proms).

It doesn't get any better.

In the interests of balance I'll post the match minute by minute breakdown from the Official Liverpool Website (note the snidey Everton's 'Champions League Final' dig ) :

11:27 GMT : Penalties being taken
11:48 GMT : Match Starts
1 min : Liverpool kick-off in Everton's 'Champions League Final' attacking the Park End
1 min : Fowler has an early pop at goal with a low shot from 20-yards out that Howard stops with a diving save to his left
4 mins : Carsley gets behind the Liverpool defence and plays a dangerous ball across the face of goal but Reina is quick off his line to gather
7 mins : Carragher almost gets caught out by Johnson but recovers magnificently to make a fine block tackle
8 mins : Neville tries his luck with an effort from the edge of the box but his shot fails to find its way through a crowded penalty box
14 mins : Crouch gets on the end of a Gerrard corner from the right but directs the ball just past the post
15 mins : Garcia forces Howard into a low diving save at his near post with a well-struck left-footed drive
18 mins : Naysmith almost heads into his own net following a Garcia centre from the left
23 mins : Aurelio drags a disappointing long-range effort way wide of the Everton gaol
24 mins : GOAL! Tim Cahill: finds himself unmarked in the Reds penalty area and converts with a close-range finish
29 mins : From a wide position on the left Gerrard drills a powerful shot into the side-netting
31 mins : Garcia's curling effort his expertly saved by the fingertips of Howard and Gerrard narrowly slides the rebound behind
33 mins : Gerrard goes close again with a neat side-footed effort from the edge of the box that flies just past the upright
34 mins : Booking: Joseph Yobo: for a foul on Gerrard
35 mins : Aurelio curls a free-kick over the Everton wall but narrowly wide of the goal
36 mins : GOAL! Andy Johnson: fires coolly past Reina after getting beyond Hyypia and Carragher
44 mins : The fourth official indicates that there will be two minutes of added time
12:35 GMT : Half Time Reached
12:51 GMT : Second Half Begins
47 mins : Gerrard heads clear from a corner as Everton apply some early 2nd half pressure
48 mins : An unmarked Fowler heads tamely into the hands of Howard
50 mins : Substitution: Dirk Kuyt for Peter Crouch:
54 mins : Alonso blazes woefully over after good work down the left by Kuyt
59 mins : Finnan fires narrowly wide as Liverpool step up the pressure
61 mins : Substitution: John Arne Riise for Robbie Fowler:
63 mins : Gerrard fires an effort across the face of the Everton goal that misses the far post by a matter of inches
67 mins : Johnson almost makes it 3-0 with a glancing header from close-range
68 mins : Kuyt's impressive control and shot is well saved by Howard
72 mins : Gerrard hits the post and from the rebound Liverpool are denied what looked a legitimate penalty appeal after the ball hits Hibbert on the hand
73 mins : Booking: Momo Sissoko:
75 mins : Substitution: Jermaine Pennant for Momo Sissoko:
78 mins : Booking: John Arne Riise: for a foul on Arteta
78 mins : Riise comes off worse in the collision and is stretchered off with another ankle injury, leaving Liverpool with just ten men
79 mins : As time begins to run out for the Reds to get something out of this game Garcia goes close with a angled strike from the left edge of the box
81 mins : Substitution: James Beattie for Leon Osman:
83 mins : Naysmith shoots over as Everton threaten to add a third goal
87 mins : Kuyt heads over at the far post from an Alonso cross
88 mins : Substitution: Nuno Valente for Mikael Arteta:
88 mins : The fourth official indicates that five minutes off added time will be played
89 mins : Booking: Sami Hyypia: for a foul on Cahill
90 mins : GOAL! Andy Johnson: heads in from close-range following a mistake by Reina
13:42 GMT : Match Over

My answer to that :

and I do love this :

Here the beeb report just to round it off : Beeb report

Friday, September 08, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

BBC SPORT | Round-up of Euro 2008 qualifiers

BBC SPORT | Round-up of Euro 2008 qualifiers

Well it has to be said that Crouch is perhaps the most ungainly, ungraceful galoot of a player to ever don an England shirt but at the moment he's getting the goals.

England eked out a 1-0 away win to go with their impressive demolition of Andorra at the weekend. 6 points from 6 isn't too bad a start for McClaren.

Walter Smith's Scotland rennaisance continues with a 2-1 win over but it's a shame they are in such a nightmare of a group. Their next two fixtures against France and Ukraine will be crucial if they are to go into their games against Italy in a position of strength.

Although Germany rather cruelly hit 13 goals past poor San Marino the result of the night has to be Northern Ireland coming from behind twice to be Spain 3-2.

On the cricket field England's one-day form continues to Trescothick has taken time off in order to get himself sorted for the Ashes. It'd be nice to get our team back together at some stage although the likes of Panesar and Bell have emerged in the space left by our stupidly long injury list.

The derby is getting nearer and the nerves are beginning to kick in although The People's Forum is kind of muted whilst on Red All Over The Land they are full of how much they want to beat us tw@ts/c*nts/mongrels/vermin etc etc in our cup. final. Something to do with Evertonians all being bitter.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

BBC - That Mitchell and Webb Look

BBC - That Mitchell and Webb Look

Can't wait for this...I really hope it lives up to That Mitchell and Webb Sound (the radio version).

Angel Summoner & BMX Bandit still makes me chuckle as do the insecure Nazis.

Speaking of Nazis this struck me as pretty bizarre :

Whereas this was just quality with a captial Kw :


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why, oh why, oh why!

Everton v Liverpool
Referee: Graham Poll
KICK OFF: 12:45 Sat Sep 2006

Well that's that then.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Learning curves

Big day for Waterloo as they took on Plymouth on of the bigger names in National Division One. It proved to be a pretty steep learning curve as they went down 45-9.It was not all doom and gloom for the men in red, white and green.

They were immediately under the kosh from the kick-off getting mauled back onto their own try line...things looked ominous. I'd say the lads rallied well and started to compete. Ultimately, however, the best team won and Plymouth were never really put under any sustained pressure. There was the odd cute foul & dodgy referring call but but you can't really complain.

Despite the scoreline it was nice to be back down at Blundellsands. It'll be a long, hard season for 'loo but I reckon it'll still be a fun one. 700 people is a slight improvement but hopefully there'll be a few more people throughout the season.

Echo match report

Friday, September 01, 2006

Spare livers at the ready...It's rugby time.

Rugby season starts tomorrow...can't wait :

Waterloo Fixtures 2006/07

02/09/2006 Waterloo v Plymouth Albion
09/09/2006 Waterloo v Penzance & Newlyn
16/09/2006 Nottingham v Waterloo
23/09/2006 Waterloo v London Welsh
30/09/2006 Rotherham Titans v Waterloo

07/10/2006 Waterloo v Bedford
14/10/2006 Otley v Waterloo
21/10/2006 Exeter v Waterloo
28/10/2006 Waterloo v Birmingham & Solihull

04/11/2006 Waterloo v Leeds
11/11/2006 Coventry v Waterloo
18/11/2006 Waterloo v Newbury
25/11/2006 Plymouth Albion v Waterloo

02/12/2006 Penzance & Newlyn v Waterloo
09/12/2006 Waterloo v Nottingham
16/12/2006 London Welsh v Waterloo
23/12/2006 Sedgley Park v Waterloo
30/12/2006 Waterloo v Doncaster

06/01/2007 Moseley v Waterloo
13/01/2007 Waterloo v Rotherham Titans
27/01/2007 Bedford v Waterloo

03/02/2007 Waterloo v Otley
17/02/2007 Waterloo v Exeter
24/02/2007 Birmingham & Solihull v Waterloo

10/03/2007 Leeds v Waterloo
17/03/2007 Waterloo v Coventry
31/03/2007 Newbury v Waterloo

07/04/2007 Waterloo v Sedgley Park
21/04/2007 Doncaster v Waterloo
28/04/2007 Waterloo v Moseley