Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Panorama | Agents claim manager was bribed

BBC Panorama | Agents claim manager was bribed

*watch it here*

This show was meant to rock football to it's very foundation but really it was just a load of wannabes throwing round wild claims in order to make it look like they were faces. There was an element of bears-shitting-in-the-woods about Allardyce and Redknapp but ultimately it'll just be more smoke for the no smoke without fire rumour mill you always hear of. Big Sam's son has made it uncomfortable for him and his Dad but ultimately there's no smoking gun despite all the claims. Chelsea and liverpool both got nabbed tapping up some 'boro youngster but that was about it.

On the pitch Everton took on Peterboro last night in the league cup. An important game for me and Anne given that we've got some very good mates who are Posh fans. They gave us a bit of a scare but we scraped passed them 2-1. Anichebe had a good run out alongside Beattie...that's an interesting one. Having someone pushing for Beattie's place is a good thing. Keep him on his toes.

BBC Match Report

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