Monday, September 11, 2006


Not saying our section would be much different given the circumstances but they are the one always heaping plaudits on themselves. Not a peep from them on Saturday...I suppose they realised early on that their club had hung them out to dry.

Just coming down off my post-derby high...still laughing at that third goal. Lovely to see Reina give AJ a congratulatory hug!

The Champions League Final comment seems to have originated from Tim Cahill however Official Sites aren't meant to be so one eyed...they've got the Echo for that.

Merseyside Derby reports :



Echo - Johnson Happy to settle his debt

Echo match report I only posted that to demonstrate how stupidly biased the likes of Chris Bascombe and his Echo chums are. That's the actual Echo match report! The local paper published a match report that doesn't mention the word Everton once!

And here's the Waterloo one :

Waterloo 19 - 16 Cornish Pirates : Liverpool Echo

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