Saturday, September 23, 2006

sports report

So it's the weekend...what do me and Anne do? Sport of course!

The Ryder Cup set a nice little backdrop to the day with Europe setting themselves up really well for tomorrow's all important singles. If the likes of Garcia, Monty and Clarke are on the losing side tomorrow it'd be such a shame. Also it'd be nice for those U!S!A! types to leave Ireland empty handed.

We'd rushed through town trying to buy my mum a birthday present (She's impossible to buy for let me tell you) then got ourselves to town in plenty of time for Waterloo V London Welsh. Special mentions go to Anne as she's been struggling with a really bad cough all week but she hates missing the match. Especially as this was our mate Mary's birthday drinking session. It turned out to be a frustrating affair. Waterloo (resplendant in their fetching new white kit) played quite well in the first half, we probe in attack, kept hold of the ball reasonably well and defended strongly when the the pressure came. We certainly didn't outclass Welsh by any means but 6-13 down felt harsh. In particular their pack galled us with annoying calls of "No penalties ref, no penalties" as they engaged the scrum. What exactly does that mean?

The second half was spent in defence until the last 15 minutes...Waterloo all of a sudden turned it on and Welsh really looked rattled, offsides & hands in the ruck seemed to be happening left, right and centre. Eventually the ref gave a penalty try but by then it was already passed 80 mins. This put 'loo well and truly on the front foot but immediately from the restart van Deventer had his head taken off by a high-tackle and although they gave it a decent go the chance had gone. 18-23, a losing bonus point seemed scant reward against a team they will have felt they should have beat. It's going to be like that this season, but we've got to stick by them. It's hard to take 'cause we do love that club.

Echo match report

Home a wee bit miserable but bouyed by the fact we'd found some Little Creatures Pale Ale in's a lovely beer from Fremantle, Western Australia which we'd first sampled whilst visiting my Uncle Rod, Auntie Marg and their family out in Perth. The beeb came up trumps for us with BBC2 showing Casey's historic hole-in-one just as MotD started showing the footy highlights on BBC1. It's a simple life but pretty enjoyable.

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