Monday, September 25, 2006

The Golden Vision - Google Video

The Golden Vision - Google Video

Many, many thanks to Sir Colm Kavanagh for uploading this little Evertonian gem from 1968.

My main gripe this week is Glen Roeder, his team had played well in the 1-1 draw against the blues and you could argue they deserved to win but their goal was clearly offside and he went on MotD saying he deserved credit for doing his homework 'cause he thought that Everton would try and play offside and so he told his players to stay in. So he's trying to claim managerial kudos for coming up with tactics that would only work if the linesman made a blunder. Superb stuff! A good arguement for why managers need their coaching badges methinks.

We equalised before half time with a trademark Tim Cahill header from a superb Arteta cross meaning we stay forth. COYB! The offside rule was in evidence at the weekend. Gerrard ran offside and the fullback went with him, the ball never went to him but the sapce created by the defender tracking back meant Kuyt's run behind the central defence wasn't offside...a tricky one but technically legal under the new offside rule, what can the refs do (it didn't effect the outcome of the game). Then in the Wigan/Watford game a defender made an aerial challenge and just won the ball however the header dropped behind his own defence to a man standing miles offside, 'cause it wasn't an attacker hadn't touched the ball...well spotted linesman. Our game was farcical though, the ball dropped to Ameobi, he was miles off and he knew it...he actually looked at the linesman in disbelief before shooting...ridiculous. For Roeder to stand there with a look of smug gormlessness and try and take credit for it 'cause he knew we played an offside trap but didn't coach his players well enough to avoid it was particuarly galling.

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Onto Golf...

...The Ryder Cup stays in Europe for another two years. I'd like to go on about the drama and excitment but ultimately that didn't happen. Quite simply Europe put the U!S!A! to the sword. If it wasn't for some gobshite running on the 18th green just before JJ Henry was about to putt (thus meaning that McGinley did the decent thing and conceded the hole to halve the match) it would have been a record victory for the Europeans. The main focus was Darren Clarke playing in Ireland just weeks after losing his wife to cancer. It was all about him, his team-mates, the Americans and the superb, superb crowd all gave him the kudos and affection he deserved.

The spirit the competition was played was second to none...I assume the Yanks will be utterly determined to win it back next time but I think we can finally forget about Brookline.

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