Thursday, September 07, 2006

BBC SPORT | Round-up of Euro 2008 qualifiers

BBC SPORT | Round-up of Euro 2008 qualifiers

Well it has to be said that Crouch is perhaps the most ungainly, ungraceful galoot of a player to ever don an England shirt but at the moment he's getting the goals.

England eked out a 1-0 away win to go with their impressive demolition of Andorra at the weekend. 6 points from 6 isn't too bad a start for McClaren.

Walter Smith's Scotland rennaisance continues with a 2-1 win over but it's a shame they are in such a nightmare of a group. Their next two fixtures against France and Ukraine will be crucial if they are to go into their games against Italy in a position of strength.

Although Germany rather cruelly hit 13 goals past poor San Marino the result of the night has to be Northern Ireland coming from behind twice to be Spain 3-2.

On the cricket field England's one-day form continues to Trescothick has taken time off in order to get himself sorted for the Ashes. It'd be nice to get our team back together at some stage although the likes of Panesar and Bell have emerged in the space left by our stupidly long injury list.

The derby is getting nearer and the nerves are beginning to kick in although The People's Forum is kind of muted whilst on Red All Over The Land they are full of how much they want to beat us tw@ts/c*nts/mongrels/vermin etc etc in our cup. final. Something to do with Evertonians all being bitter.

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