Monday, September 18, 2006

Back down to earth

Everton 2-2 Wigan

The game was a bit frustrating at the weekend. It's not often you can say it but Everton really should have been out of sight. Instead both times we took the league we were immediately pegged back through defensive sloppiness.

The first half had been quiet apart from a chance a-piece and an incident where Cahill seemed to get pushed and slapped by de Zeuw and Kirkland and yet stay on the pitch. Then in the second half Everton pushed forward with purpose and scored and forced two brilliant saves from Kirkland in about 3 minutes. Then Yobo calmly won the ball then scuffed a clearance straight to one of their players and bang they'd equalised from nothing. Carsley went off with an injury and Beattie came one. Minutes later Beats scored a penalty after Osman was taken out in the area only to be pegged back again this time a lack of midfielders tracking back cost us.

Annoying really 'cause a win would have really set our season up.

Elsewhere Waterloo got a hammering in Nottingham on Sunday and picked up a few injuries along the way.

Echo report

Also liverpool's squad rotation failed to bear fruit as they went down to Chelsea, their new none-jealousy based obsession. Arsenal nicked a win against Utd after a pretty good game with Lehman and Kuczack starring for their respective sides. Kuzcack gave away then saved a pen and made some great saves, Lehman made some great saves, handled outside the area but wasn't sent off (this is probably correct but when you think back to our keeper getting sent off against Blackburn last season it seems odd) and got all grumpy with O'Shea for no reason whatsoever at a corner. He's an angry, angry man.

On Friday we went to see the excellent Little Miss Sunshine at FACT.

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