Tuesday, November 29, 2011

George Osborne's autumn statement "We balls it up"

It is quite depressing when it turns out the people in charge aren't cleverer and don't have any secret knowledge you aren't party to. For months it's been massively obvious that the Conservative's austerity policies are a millstone holding the economy back. It now turns out that there will be over 700 thousand public sector workers losing their jobs now and for what? Well it would seem for nothing..."It's hurting but it's not working".

So tomorrow if you see a picket line remember to beep and wave, they are just ordinary people looking after what is rightfully theirs. You won't be alone, there is broad public support for the strikes, a BBC survey revealed this.

Don't let the rich and privileged elite play divide and conquer with the ordinary people of this country.

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Tram Experience woman arrested

Get in! Great news (if true) that that vile racist in the my tram experience video has been arrested.

There are few things in life worse than a racist. Great to see that the masses have ganged up on that particular cretin.

I love it when the like of her and the EDL and the BNP get rejected. It's like the good people all standing up and saying "We aren't all petty bullies".

Sunday, November 27, 2011

RIP Gary Speed

Such horrifying, tragic news today. So utterly sad to see someone so familiar and so bright & talented take their own lives. It's really knocked me for 6 today and I don't suppose I can write anything eloquent enough to do the tragedy justice....it was heart breaking listening to Robbie Savage choking up talking about him on 606 today but you have to say he did his mate proud.

This is one of the best pieces I have read about the the whole thing and says things better than I ever could:


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WTF? Conservative students burn an effigy of Barak Obama

I know the Conservatives are a pretty paltry ever-dwindling bunch in Scotland but was this attempt to gain some cheap publicity or a way of finishing themselves off permanently?

"An effigy of US President Barack Obama was burned over the weekend by members of the Conservative student association at St Andrews University.

The incident is understood to have taken place on Friday evening on the town's East Sands beach.

One of those who attended told the BBC that members of the association had "no input" and were "surprised" to discover Obama was on the bonfire.

The St Andrews Conservative Association apologised for any offence caused."

How utterly KKKish? What were they thinking. Apparently the same Conservative society has burned effigies of Gordon Brown and Nelson Mandela in the past and one of the chairman of the university's Labour society.

Suppose it'll go down a storm with all those Tea Party weirdos the right seem to look up to so much.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Everton return to winning ways

Thank God, I know that was a nightmarish run of games but it was so good to get 3 points under our belt again after so long

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Has Martin Johnson really quit over 2 few drinks in Queenstown

It's difficult to have any faith in the RFU at the moment...they've been abominable over the last year and today Martin Johnson has quit as England manager deepening the crisis.

Basically as far as I can see if no-one had been there to photograph the England players in that Queenstown bar he'd still been in a job. The furore over that night out is amazing and the RFU's inability to control the agenda on it is pretty lame.

What did the players actually do on this "tour of shame"? Aside from Tindall doing something slightly silly they are guilty of posing for a few pictures as far as I can tell. The media have been whipping this up into a scandal ever since....this is the same media who were mortified when the England footy team exiled itself in a remote location in South Africa.

Both teams are probably guilty of not lifting a world cup they were never really had a hope of winning.

So 3 years of hard work for England down the drain, we came within a game of doing a Grand Slam last season and yet the media have focused on one night-out and made the manager's job untenable.

Theresa May minutes away from losing her job?

Have to say she's a very lucky woman after just delegated a huge problem of immigration security and queueing at airports. If the minutes of her meeting with Brodie Clark could prove he'd told her about the relaxation of finger print checks she'd be out wouldn't she? I mean all the other home secretaries were told, would she not have been?