Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Has Martin Johnson really quit over 2 few drinks in Queenstown

It's difficult to have any faith in the RFU at the moment...they've been abominable over the last year and today Martin Johnson has quit as England manager deepening the crisis.

Basically as far as I can see if no-one had been there to photograph the England players in that Queenstown bar he'd still been in a job. The furore over that night out is amazing and the RFU's inability to control the agenda on it is pretty lame.

What did the players actually do on this "tour of shame"? Aside from Tindall doing something slightly silly they are guilty of posing for a few pictures as far as I can tell. The media have been whipping this up into a scandal ever since....this is the same media who were mortified when the England footy team exiled itself in a remote location in South Africa.

Both teams are probably guilty of not lifting a world cup they were never really had a hope of winning.

So 3 years of hard work for England down the drain, we came within a game of doing a Grand Slam last season and yet the media have focused on one night-out and made the manager's job untenable.

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