Wednesday, September 03, 2008

La Machine, Liverpool : Full Schedule

This looks ace :

Wednesday 3rd September
Dawn The creature appears suspended on the side of Concourse Tower.
10.00h A Research Base is set up at the Echo Arena at the ACC (Kings Dock).
16.00h Scientists arrive at Concourse Tower to set up searchlights to light the creature.
20.30h Scientists switch on searchlights, which stay lit overnight.

Thursday 4th September
11.30h The creature is craned off Concourse Tower.
12.30h The convoy carries the creature and sets off for the Research base at ACC.
13.00h The convoy arrives at the Research Base.

Friday 5th September
11.30h The scientists perform experiments on the creature using different special
effects to see how it responds to different stimuli. The creature wakes up and
is prevented from running away by a wall of Chinese firecrackers and by a
fire effect. Eventually the creature is sent to sleep by a snow machine.
18.00h The creature wakes and parades to Salthouse Dock.
19.30h The creature arrives at the Dock and takes abath, accompanied by live music.
The creature sets off for Cunard Building and at around
21:00h the creature arrives at Cunard Building. It begins to snow gently and she falls asleep.

Saturday 6th September
11.30h The creature wakes up in the middle of a magical snowscape, and is
serenaded with music.
12.30h The creature goes to sleep again.
14.45h The creature leaves Cunard Building and walks up Water Street.
15.30h The creature arrives at Town Hall – smoke effect.
15.40h The creature walks towards Derby Square along Castle Street.
16.00h Water ballet at Derby Square (Waterproof clothing highly recommended).
16.15h The creature walks down Lord Street to Holy Corner where it is snowing.
17.00h The creature sleeps.
18.30h The creature wakes and walks down Parker Street, serenaded on the way.
20.00h A tempest rages at Ranelagh Place.
20.30h The creature arrives at Concourse Tower, climbs up the tower and goes to sleep.

Sunday 7th September
15.00h The creature wakes up and is prepared for the evening’s entertainment.
16.00h The creature goes back to sleep.
19.30h Cherry-pickers and musicians arrive.
20.00h The creature is removed from the tower with a crane.
20.30h The convoy leaves the tower and parades to Queensway Tunnel entrance.
21.15h The creature tries to escape, but is prevented from doing so by the special
effect machines.
21.30h Finale at Queensway Tunnel.

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