Thursday, September 18, 2008

down but not out

Everton 2 - 2 Standard Liege

Hmm, what do Everton do to deserve drawing such tough oponents. Seriously : Villareal, Dinamo Bucharest, Metalist Kharkiv and now Standard Liege.

We are looking seriously ropey at the back but good going forward....I am the most pessimistic, glass-half-empty of Evertonians but it has to be said we were the better side tonight. We just went to sleep twice and got punish by a very efficient Liege side. Aside from that though we looked good. There is little doubt who the Belgians will think is the strongest team on Merseyside.

We are behind on away goals now so we have it all to do in the away leg but at least we are still in the tie.

Great goal from tree-trunked legged Segundo "Do the basics" Castillo...hope Anichebe is okay.

Quite liked their fans until just before the end. Noisy, bolshy bunch....pity about the colour scheme. You do, however, have to wonder about fans who will hold up scarves of a team who just utterly 100% robbed you of a place in the Champions League in order to annoy fans of your next opponent. They had a penalty claim waved away and they seemed to go nuts, throwing stuff onto the pitch and into the Park End. No need for it at all because until then it was good natured stuff going to and fro. Hope it's noted that is was the Liege fans that caused all the unpleasantness.

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