Sunday, November 09, 2008

at what point does a superstition become silly

West Ham 1-3 Lucky Conkers

That is very un-Everton....the scenes in the Everton end after the second goal were utterly bananas, I know footy fans do generally go nuts when their teams scores but the looked something else. An utterly seething sea of joy. God bless The People's Club.

Brilliant to see Everton do something amaxing like that once again.

I love it when they make me love them.

Was in the Waterloo clubhouse for the closing stages of the game, I'd just resorted to extolling my lucky conkers in order to fashion a turnaround in Everton's fortunes. Certain bluenoses in the immediate vicinity were just telling me how silly the whole thing was when we equalised, took the lead and made the game safe.

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