Thursday, November 27, 2008

Restaurant owner uses Facebook to track down bill dodgers

Too darned depressed about Everton to post anything about their dire, dire performance against Wigan. Suffice to say that that side should be more than capable of holding their own at this level. I know dross when I see it and those players are nowhere even close. In the past Everton teams were just not good enough and so results like that were understandable if not acceptable. These players are a million miles away from the journeymen of the past and that's what makes it all the more annoying. Come on lads, remember how good you are!

Anyway in order to lighten up the mood this is great :

Restaurant owner uses Facebook to track down bill dodgers

Peter Leary from seafood restaurant Seagrass on Melbourne's Southbank was fuming when the diners ate their way through the menu, pairing oysters, trout and red emperor with some expensive wines, slipped out for a cigarette -- and never returned.

But Leary, left with an unpaid bill of A$520 ($340), remembered one of the diners asking about a former waitress, whom he then contacted and she suggested they check through some contacts on Facebook.

"We searched a few names and there in front of us his face came up," Leary told Reuters, referring to one of the diners.

"He was pictured with his girlfriend who was the only girl in the group. We also knew where he worked, at a nearby restaurant, which was handy. It'd been clear they were in the trade."

Leary contacted the manager of the other restaurant, where both the man and his girlfriend worked, and explained the situation.

Within hours the diner returned to apologize and paid the bill -- and left a generous tip for the staff.

Leary said the fellow restaurateur called him later to inform him that both the man and his girlfriend had been sacked.

Brilliant stuff, you've got to laugh at that. Well done to the restaurant owner.

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