Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back to sport...

Right so back to matters sporting...Everton were pretty unlucky not to beat boro at the weekend. Very annoying, an early lapse cost us a goal in the first ten minutes and from then on in we dominated the game. It was an annoying afternoon realy but Yakubu finally popped up with an equaliser.

Two points dropped really but other results seemed to go our way so we stayed in position in the mix with Villa.

England were similarly annoying against Australia on Saturday...The Aussies didn't really show anything amazing but ultimately England gave away tonnes of easily kickable penalties and that was that.

On Tuesday I stumbled upon Munster V New Zealand....what an awesome sporting contest. Munster gave absolutely everything and we SO unlucky not to come away with a famous win against an admittedly understrength All Blacks side. Brilliant stuff, well done to the BBC for putting it on.

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