Friday, November 07, 2008

catching up

So where to begin, well. Number one...Everton. We dominated the first half without even having them truly on the ropes. We trudged off honours even in terms of chances but optimistic. Fellaini had been imperious in winning posession and distributing it (He also hit the post and should have had a penalty).

The second half was all different Fulham got a lot tighter and Fellaini looked a lot les effective. He doesn't rampage around the midfield, merely just imposes himself. In a quicker, more frantic game he was much less effective. The Gwladys St nerves started jangling and Moyes responded with early, positive substitutions. Pienaar is the opposite, a limited player who just takes the games by the scruff of the neck & gives absolutely everything.

The only problem was that it was Pienaar and Fellaini who made way. Evertonians, it has to be said, were bewildered. Fulham were the better team in the second half there is no denying it but late on Osman stroked over a perfect cross for Saha (who'd come on for Fellaini) to head home...and that was that. A nervy & tense end to a week that had seen us gain 7 points and climb to 7 place.

So then onto Lewis Hamilton, after him being so dreadfully unlucky last year it was great to see him bring it home this year. But Lewis, the last corner or the last lap of the last race? Let's do it a bit easier next time. It's superb though, he is just a great bloke. It's great when the nice guys finish first (although you do have to feel sorry for Massa).

And then over to doesn't matter about your feelings for that particularly country, it doesn't matter how turned off by politics you are...Barack Obama winning is truly inspirational. He's such a charismatic orator and for a black man to be President of the United States of America only 50 years after the repression of segregation is amazing.

One more thing, the this thing with cheating footballer Steven Gerard just running into players and get a penalty whenever he feels like is just getting ridiculous now. Never, ever, let a rednose bemoan young Ronaldo's 'diving' without challenging them on it. It's truly pathetic. Equally pathetic was Bernie Ecclestone making excuses for the blacked-up Spanish fans who gave Lewis Hamilton racial abuse at Barcelona. Happily the media has been quick to condemn it. If you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem.

And that's it...I think we are upto date.

Autumn internationals at the weekend....bring it on.

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