Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cap doff of the night

Superb, superb stuff from Fulham once again...still smarts how tamely Everton went out of Europe but it's great to see such craft and endeavour from a team loving their European experience.

Not even going to mention that lot across the park...noticed a swagger and a few cocky comments aimed at's like they never got knocked out of the Champions League all those months. Even if they go onto win the Europa League their "European tournaments knocked out of" column will read the same as everyone else's.

Their ability to collectively airbrush their own perceptions and cheerfully ignore their own double standards is jaw-dropping. I mean I know full well that's a sweeping generalisation and you shouldn't tar everyone with the same brush but really.

Anyway the night belongs to Fulham.

Last night belonged to Barca...I remember them kicking Arsenal off the park in Paris a few years ago but now they are just the most awesome footy side you've ever seen. Any true footy fan should have affection for Barca. Mes que un Club.

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