Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life's a beach

Well, my previous post was musing on Everton’s impetus & attitude between now and the end of the season...any questions I had over that have been blown away by two superb wins.


Bolton provided their annual festival of fouling but ultimately came up short. It was gratifying that a team of thugs can still be outplayed by a determined, committed, well organised and above all skillfull team. I have no sympathy for them at all ‘cause they are nothing but a team of thugs who run all day and throw their weight around.


More than anything it was totally joyous to see that old style Arteta free-kick sailing into the net. There’s nobody better than Mikel Arteta!


Then we move onto City...poor, poor Joleon Lescott ruled himself out with a hamstring injury leaving him to watch helplessly from the stands as Everton took his fellow mercenaries to the cleaners. True we rode our luck more than we did in the Goodison fixture (when Everton were immense) but ultimately the blues showed that a team that has grown organically will always beat a crowd of hastily assembled cherry picked talent.


Today Liverpool fans are pretending we did them a favour last night when everyone on Merseyside knows that a draw would have been by far the best result. Whether Everton finish above the like of our neighbours or Villa is still a big long-shot but to rally from forth from bottom and an utterly ridiculous injury list to be 3 points outside the Europa League place is a superb effort.



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