Friday, April 29, 2005

More Euro confusion.

BBC SPORT Football Europe Liverpool suffer new Euro setback

It would appear that the entire nation have decided that Everton are DEFINITELY going to finish 4th and the rednoses are definitely going to win the Champions League. Personally I think Everton have been so up and down since Christmas. I'd not be surprised if we stumbled in the home straight. The manager and players have papered over the cracks brilliantly, results like Villa away and Palace and United at Goodison were tremendous but all too often we've looked like we were running on empty (Blackburn, West Brom, Birmingham and Southampton). Anyway the noise UEFA seem to be making are positive. A win against Fulham tomorrow would be a fabulous result for us and let's remember whatever happens we are in Europe when at the start of the season everyone I know would have been delighted with 40 points and 17th place. The problem is that our lovable neighbours are ridiculously jeckyl and hyde this year. The win games thay've no right to and lose to the most unlikely opposition imaginable. It's been a very odd season.

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