Tuesday, May 03, 2005

BBC NEWS | Election 2005 | Poll Tracker

BBC NEWS Election 2005 Poll Tracker

It appears that the BBC are going into overdrive sniping at anything Blair does or says (I don't mind this but the up-shot of it all might be Howard et al running the country for the next 4 years).

It's polling day on Thursday and I've still got that sick feeling that despite everything the Labour vote is going to stay at home or register a Lib Dem protest vote whilst all those little Englanders have just the excuses they need to vote for Howard & Letwin et voila.

*SIGH* Hope not......what does it say about us if we all jump on a band wagon whose main thrusts are limits on Asylum & immigration, cleaner hospitals & lowering tax (a band wagon being driven by the son of an illegal immigrant asylum seeker who was a member of the government who privatised the cleaning of hospitals in the first place & who had to sack his party chief for admitting they had a hidden agenda on taxation). Are people really not thinking what I'm thinking?

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