Friday, May 06, 2005

Well that went as well as could be expected fellow electoral roll members aren't as stupid as Howard, Letwin & Lynton Crosby were hoping. I am a Labour voting Liberal coward...The Conservatives "Are you thinking..." campaign pushed me right back into the Labour fold despite being very dissillusioned with Tony Blair et al.

As events unfolded the BBC gasped and predicted doom for Labour. The exit poll predicted a Labour majority of over 60 but every snippet of information was dissected and presented as further evidence that Labour should be very, very worried. Jeremy Paxman & Peter Snow were like pigs in sh*t...all very dramatic. Then at 2am I turned over to ITV to find them 40 results ahead and basically saying everything was going as expected.

As it turns out they were dead right...all that missed sleep for nothing. A reduced majority is about right I think. As far as I can see though the Liberal attack on the Conservative vote didn't materialise. We were looking forward to Howard and Letwin's seat being threatened but it didn't really happen. Charlie, Menzies and the boys just seemed to pick-up anti-Labour protest votes. Plus ca change.

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