Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Drinking Games

Drinking Games at Bar-None

Is it a sign you've got a problem if you dream of perfectly well thought out, playable drinking games? In my there was a game called Kangaroo Court where upon a person makes an accusation towards the rest of the people there, if a person is guilty as charged he/she must stand on there chair and down their pint (possibly with lots of people singing 'down in one' or 'hang the bastard high' as it is downed).

If the no-one is guilty or more than one person is guilty then the accuser has to do the honours....once the pint is finished the person can turn super-grass and throw out another accusation to the floor.

My sub-conscious, it would seem, is a member of some un-named rugby club.

In other news my impersonation of Lucy Montgomery (Voice of The Museum of Everything) is far too accurate for comfort and I can't the get horrible thought of Nicolas Parsons propositioning Julia Hartley-Brewer on Have I Got News For You out of my head.


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