Thursday, May 26, 2005

The tempted fates

That's quite a cool name for a band however it refers to the various goons sending gloating text messages at half time last night. In football counting chickens tends to leave you with egg on your face.

Whatever way you look at it it was a pretty impressive which netted me £40. Don't get me wrong I have preferred them not to win it but Milan looked well shaky in the semi and liverpool (as a lifetime of supporting Everton has taught me) are jammy, jammy bastards. Business is business.

In other news I'm very intrigued by the concept of Sports Arbitrage...If I had time to do it full time it seems a pretty good way of making a living.

Sports Arbitrage Review

It basically is a system of looking at the difference in various bookmakers odds until you notice slight differences in their odds setting up scenarios where you can't possibly lose.

For example if bookmaker A has Tim Henman as 11/10 to *snigger* win a tennis match bookmaker be thinks that actually Greg Rusedski is 11/10 then a bet on both with leds to a small but guaranteed return.

Perhaps the house doesn't always win.

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