Friday, May 27, 2005

Evertonians eh? What can you do?

All of a sudden some folk are in mourning after liverpool's reminds me of a bit from my favourite Father Ted :

FR.TED: What would have to happen this season to keep you happy?

DOUGAL: Ah Nothing Ted...Everton are rubbish and I'm just there for a laugh.

FR.TED: You wouldn't say, want Everton to survive in the Premiership?

DOUGAL Hoo wow! That'd be fantastic. Still being in the Premiership at the end of the season. Yeah that'd be one, oh brilliant.

FR.TED: And what else would have to happen for you to be happy?

DOUGAL: Ah no, that'd be fine. Survival would be fine.

FR.TED: You wouldn't like the blues getting into The Champions League or something?

DOUGAL: Hooo God yeah. I'd love to be in the Champions League like Real Madrid or something. Hoo that'd be brilliant.

FR.TED: So eh, anything else?

DOUGAL: Ah no, that'd be fine. If I had a Premiership place and a place in Europe, I think I could be happy.

FR.TED: You wouldn't want say mmmm.....liverpool to lose the Champions League final?

DOUGAL: Hoo God yeah! I'd love that. If they got beat and we survived AND we were in Europe. That'd be grand.

FR.TED: You've never had much of an imagination, have you Dougal?

DOUGAL: No you're right there Ted.

Some people are actually getting wound up by all this "Everton aren't good enough to represent England, liverpool should take their place" malarkey getting peddled by idiots in the more tabloid side of the media.

For God's sake why do people fall for these agent provocateurs all the time. liverpool haven't's upto UEFA whether they change their rules. There is no way Everton can lose out. People need to relax....otherwise they'll get ulcers


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