Sunday, August 12, 2007

Attendances down at Goodison

They really were...Today was Jack O'Boyle's baptism, this meant that lots of my match going gang had to forego the first game of the season in order to attend something tht was truly more important that 22 men chasing a bag of wind round a field for an hour and half. Bishop Malone performed the baptism and Jack was welcomed into the gang in really, really nice style. Me, Dave, Helen and Claire were priveliged enough to be asked to be the little guy's godparents so it was one of the easiest matches I've ever had to miss.

It also meant my cousin Daniel and his dad Angus got to go the game in our 'stead. For some reason Dan, the only blue on that side of the family, always seems to bring us luck. Can't got wrong really.

After the service we hot footed it to the Vic and switched on our phones

Everton were winning 1-0 Osman...St Sebastian had sorted it for us.

2-0 Anichebe and the Evertonians began to swagger....St Sebastian frowned and so news of it going 2-1 brought us down to earth as we endured the interminable wait for the result to come in.

Not too bad really, a poor game by all accounts and Wigan scored the goal of the game but a win is a win.

Back at the Vic we waxed lyrical about how lucky we were to be Evertonians and had a pretty indepth debate about the Kirkby vote...all in all a good old Evertonian night.

Add to this that when I got home I find my fave blue blogger Sarah has gotten herself back online and it adds up to a pretty cool old day :

Sarah D

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Sara said...

Thanks for the welcome back. It feels good to be back and writing about my favorite subject again. :)