Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mad-dog and glory?

Looking back there's not been much cricket in the blog this's been pretty turgid and up & down. Loads of injuries and flashes of brilliance dulled by long periods of averageness.

It's warrants mentioning however tonight's tremendous 8th wicket stand by Broad and Bopara to swing the one dayers round England's way.

Broad smiles all round

Bad news for poor David Beckham though...just as he looks certain to get the caps he needs for his tonne he get's a knee injury. He's really pulling his tripe out at the moment ans I suppose something had to give eventually.

Beckham misses England qualifiers

And finally Everton have replaced the potential Frenandes signing with Thomas Gravesen...

much as we loved Mad-dog it's fair to say that is less positive a-move. Still a loan move can't really go wrong, he was a superstar in that final year of his contract. I don't blame him for going to Real, I just hope he comes back with some of the hunger with which he left. If we can get into the UEFA group stage then he'll be very valuable to us. Plus he was such a popular character with the fans that he'll get everyone bouncing.

Tommy returns

It's going to be tricky with him, AJ and Carsley in the team though.

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