Monday, August 27, 2007

Struggling manfully

BBC Report

After a moving tribute to little Rhys Jones the business of Everton V Blackburn seemed almost flippant but here's my thoughts.

It was more about Blackburn really. Super-strong side (Christopher Samba in particular stands out) with a class forward line keep themselves busy harrying and getting tight the second the opposition get's the ball. This forced us to squander possesion time and time again. We aren't the best passers in the world anyway but with the options closed down as fast as they were it was doubly difficult. Arteta struggled to impose himself and when that happens Everton struggle....especially now Fernandes isn't coming. We had started really well gut gifted them a soft goal through lead footed defending. Hibbert in particular had a nightmare of a game.

Blackburn took the game by the scruff of the neck but ultimately Everton stayed strong and went in only one down. We hadn't been the better side but we'd stayed in touch...a minor booing seemed harsh to me. Second half Moyes made changes. Lescott came on and imediately looked imperious. Jagielka patrolled the centre with calm efficiency...never getting over-ambitious, he just popped up everywhere he needed to be and then made the easy pass. After that it was Blackburn who were getting pulled out of shape...Arteta got free at last and put in a great ball for McFadden to nip in on...1-1. A fair result. Blackburn are a good side, they'll squeeze points out of many a-game this season. Everton showed resiliance but a lack insight. We have a lot of injuries for this early in the day though. THank God we do have a bit of depth at last.

No outdoor festival

Festival binned at the last minute

Went rounf town on the Monday and perservered with the scaled down Mathew Street was fun as usual but it was very low key and you could tell people hadn't bothered after the powers that be had cancelled the big events. A real shame, they'd better line something good up for next year.

Liverpool is 800 tomorrow!

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