Monday, August 06, 2007

Beattie makes the right noises


"Things didn't go well for me last season, for one reason or another, but I hope the fans appreciated my attitude. I never stopped working hard in training and always gave everything for the cause when I was on the pitch...and that's exactly what Evertonians expect.

"They are terrific fans and I will never forget them."

I think say that is a nice gesture on his part....let's face it, apart from one purple patch during the season before last his time at Everton was pretty dire. No ill will, he just isn't a target man and he's not versatile enough to adapt. He always seemed a popular member of the team and never pouted like many-a centre forward would have done in his position.

Evertonians are not stupid, we knew what he could achieve when he hit his stride. The encouragement he got was pretty generous considering his form.

£4 million is decent money so this is best for all concerned.

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